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Snapshots From Ivan Orkin's Taste of Tokyo Dinner at the New York Wine and Food Festival

I've been eagerly awaiting the opening of the first New York branch of Ivan Orkin's eponymous Tokyo ramen shop ever since tasting his unique take on them for the first time last year. "I'm sure my story's not any different than anyone who's been stupid enough to try to open a restaurant in this town," Ivan told me as he prepared for the Taste of Tokyo Dinner, part of the New York City Wine and Food Festival that took place all over the city this weekend. More

The New York Wine and Food Festival's 'Best New Chefs 25th Anniversary Party'

Friday night saw one of the New York Wine and Food Festival's swankiest tasting events at the Mandarin Oriental overlooking Columbus Circle. 30 of the "Best New Chefs" from the past 25 years of Food and Wine's awards presented impeccable mini-meals while guests sipped a healthy sampling of wine and took in the view. All chefs plated admirably, but here's 14 bites we're still thinking about. More

Highlights from the New York City Wine & Food Festival's Fifth Annual Burger Bash

I take stuffing myself pretty seriously, which is why I arrived at the New York City Wine & Food Festival's Fifth Annual Burger Bash this Friday planning to personally plow through all 28 featured hamburgers. Three hours and 28 16 epic burgers later, I'd reluctantly hit full capacity. Luckily, I'd also managed to wolf down some phenomenal patties from the likes of Bobby Flay, Artisanal Bistro, The Capital Grille, and the ever-venerable Shake Shack. More

Brooklyn on Parade at New York City Wine and Food Festival's Brooklyn's Backyard

Skylight One Hanson was brimming with some serious borough pride this weekend at New York Food and Wine Festival's Brooklyn's Backyard event. 28 local chefs turned out to deliver signature bites to the hungry crowd, serving up everything from spicy lemongrass chicken larb to fudgy ice cream sandwiches. Here's our look at some choice bites from the night,=. More

Every Burger From The Fourth Annual Burger Bash in New York City

The Fourth Annual New York City Burger Bash presented by Pat LaFrieda took place at the Brooklyn Bridge Park on Friday evening, with 21 different restaurants representing. Thousands of burgerazzi were on hand to taste the burgers and maybe grab a photo op with the judges; this year's event was hosted by Whoopi Goldberg with a judging panel consisting of Food Network's Anne Burrell, Adam Richman of Man Vs. Food, Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods, and David Burke. Check out all the burgers! More

13 Great Bites at Meatball Madness

Meatball Madness was a hot ticket at this year's New York City Wine & Food Festival, as evidenced by the sold-out tickets and by the long line stretching far down Mercer Street. We understand; after all, who doesn't love meatballs? Particularly when they're being made by New York's hottest chefs. With our discerning meatball palates on high alert, we wove our way through the crowd of food-lovers and Food Network lovers alike (Giada De Laurentiis was the evening's host, and Guy Fieri made an appearance), sampling all sorts of meat- (and meatless!) balls. More

This Bites: Why Are Women Depicted Differently from Men in Food Photography?

I was at the New York Wine and Food Festival's Meatball Madness event last Thursday night when I was suddenly struck with the bizarreness of celebrity food paparazzi. I was part of the starstruck crowd gathered around Giada de Laurentiis's meatball stand, hoping for a glimpse of the Food Network star. She was there, looking (surprise) exactly like she does on her show, smiling with remarkable persistence. "Take a bite for us!" shouted a photographer jostling behind me. "Giada, can I have your balls?" cried someone else. More

NYC Wine & Food Fest Planning a Blow-Out Pizza Party Event for 2010?

An interesting tweet from Lee Schrager, the man behind the NYC Wine & Food Festival: @Lee_Schrager: "what are your fav pizza places in NY? we are lining them up now for Pizza Party at #NYCWFF this October..wouldnt Rocco be a great host?" Very intriguing. If you're familiar with the Wine & Food Festival (sort of a South by Southwest of food), this should bring to mind such hot-ticket NYCWFF events as the annual Rachael Ray Burger Bash (which also takes place at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival) and last year's Meatball Madness party. While there are hundreds of... More

Una Pizzarino: Anthony Mangieri and Motorino's Mathieu Palombino to Form Pizza Supergroup for Pieman's Craft Events

Kuban)" alt="The UPN Process: Bringing the Pie Out (by Adam "Slice"<br />Kuban)" width="500" height="335"> The Pieman's Craft event is almost surely your last chance to get an Anthony Mangieri–produced pie from this oven. When I talked to Anthony Mangieri a few months ago about once again hosting the Serious Eats–Slice Pieman's Craft events during the New York City Wine & Food Festival on October 10 and 11, his only hesitation was that he might be selling Una Pizza Napoletana to Motorino's Mathieu Palombino and his partners. He swore me to secrecy, and I honored his request. Well, as we... More

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