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Angela Pinkerton on the Evolution of Eleven Madison Park

Sweets Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Executive Pastry Chef Angela Pinkerton has been at Eleven Madison Park since before their third Michelin star, before the "New York" menu, and before they even had an official pastry department. Which means she's got a lot to say on how much EMP has evolved, and how she's played a part in that. More

Where to Get Great Hamantaschen in NYC

Sweets Ruthie Young and Aly Miller 8 comments

In the week leading up to Purim, we set out to find the best hamantaschen in NYC. Here are our results. More

Our Favorite NYC Pies for Pi Day

Sweets Rabi Abonour 3 comments

Who doesn't love pie? The mixture of flaky crust and rich filling makes for a sophisticated yet comforting dessert. In honor of Pi Day, we've rounded up some of our favorite pies in the city. More

Tracy Obolsky's Sweet Takeover of the Menu at North End Grill

Sweets Jacqueline Raposo 3 comments

Tracy Obolsky recently took over the pastry position at New York's North End Grill, dazzling diners with her love for ice cream and her modern take on classic American desserts. We got the scoop (pun intended) on what makes this young chef tick, and how that translates into the restaurant's revised menu. More

7 Holiday Cookies We Love in New York City

Sweets Lauren Rothman Post a comment

From moist, spice-scented German gingerbread to elegant French macarons to homely-but-tasty Italian biscotti and more, it's a good year for cookies in the city. And Christmas isn't over yet, so get them while you can. More

Gift Guide: For a New Yorker's Sweet Tooth

Sweets Max Falkowitz Post a comment

If you're shopping for someone with a sweet tooth, New York's many bakeries, sweet shops, and specialty stores have you covered. Here are some stocking stuffer ideas to get you hungry. More

New Yorkers: Here are Centerpiece Desserts for Your Holiday Table

Sweets Max Falkowitz 3 comments

From traditional yule logs to Old World sweet breads, New York's bakeries are here for you when you can't bake for yourself. Here are six seasonal centerpiece desserts that not only taste great, but let you strut your pro-entertainer stuff. More

Where to Get a Sweet Snack Near The Union Square Holiday Market, NYC

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 3 comments

Last week we shared what savory food you can expect at the market, but there are many sweet options as well. And if the shopping has tired you out or you want to escape the crowds, there are plenty of great options nearby to sit down with some coffee or hot chocolate and a sweet or two. More

A New Pastry Chef, and New Seasonal Desserts, for Gramercy Tavern, NYC

Sweets Lauren Rothman 4 comments

Growing up on a farm in northwest Serbia, Miroslav Uskokovic learned to take the idea local cooking to a whole other level. Luckily that makes him the perfect choice as the new pastry chef for Gramercy Tavern. More

Where to Get Rugelach in New York City

Sweets Niko Triantafillou 8 comments

New York City's rugelach offerings are as diverse as the city itself. We visited 14 of the most recommended bakeries and found some real gems that would be perfect for a snack or your holiday table. More

Where to Buy Awesome Jelly Doughnuts for Hanukkah in New York

Sweets Lauren Rothman 4 comments

From a textbook version stuffed with apricot jam at hot Union Square bakery Breads to a not-quite-sufganiyah-but-still-awesome blood orange curd doughnut at Bed Stuy's beloved Dough, here's our guide to finding your ideal fritter this holiday season. More

First Look: Roni-Sue's Chocolate Gets Its Own Shop on The Lower East Side

Sweets Brooke Porter Katz 4 comments

Rhonda "Roni-Sue" Kave's new shop is more than triple the size of her original Essex Street Market stall—which means more space to make (and taste) her innovative chocolate truffles, bacon-maple lollipops, and more. More

Lafayette's Jennifer Yee on Pastry Inspiration and Keeping the Art Alive

Sweets Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Pastry chef Jennifer Yee has a full plated dessert menu in the dining room of Andrew Carmellini's Lafayette, as well as an overflowing cafe bakery. We sat down to discuss how she keeps it all together, where her inspiration comes from, and what she hopes for the future of pastry in New York. More

First Look: The ABV Wine Bar Team Makes Whimsical Doughnuts at Dough Loco, NYC

Sweets Brooke Porter Katz 5 comments

A look at Dough Loco, a tiny new bakery in East Harlem that's churning out creative takes on doughnuts. More

First Look: Michel Richard's Pomme Palais at the New York Palace Hotel

Sweets Brooke Porter Katz 2 comments

Chef Michel Richard makes his New York City debut with Pomme Palais, a French pastry shop and cafe at the New York Palace hotel. More

Behind the Scenes: Making the Grapefruit Givre at Boulud Sud, NYC

Sweets Laura Togut 4 comments

With so many textures layered together, every bite of the grapefruit givre from Boulud Sud is delightful—and no two bites are the same. We went behind the scenes with Executive Pastry Chef Ghaya Oliveria to see how she makes this popular dessert. More

First Look: An East Village Storefront for Food Truck Favorite Wafels & Dinges

Sweets Lauren Rothman 3 comments

Cart-and-truck favorite Wafels & Dinges has gone brick-and-mortar, serving up an expanded menu of sweet and savory waffles, ice creams, and more. More

Riffing on Blueberries and Lemons at Pearl & Ash, NYC

Sweets Lauren Rothman Post a comment

We stopped in to try Pearl & Ash's two new summer desserts, titled, simply, Lemon and Blueberry. But those one-word names belie the fastidious, multi-layered complexity of pastry chef Serena Chow's creations. More

Bakery Guides: What to Eat at Vegan Divas, New York City

Sweets Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

Last summer Fernanda Capobianco (wife of pastry chef Fran├žois Payard) opened the first retail location of Vegan Divas, bringing a glamorous spin to the world of vegan bakeries with sweets that taste more decadent than healthy. Here are her picks on what to eat. More

Where to Eat Ice Cream in New York City

Sweets The Serious Eats Team 20 comments

New York isn't short on places to get a scoop, but we've all had that moment when we're standing on the corner wondering where on earth to go. That's why we put together a list of all the places we like to satisfy our craving—from good, everyday ice cream to stand-out spots. More

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