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Grapefruit Champagne Float

This sorbet can be whipped up a few hours before guests arrive. Serve the float in individual flutes or bowls, or as a large punch with the sorbet floating in the center. I use 2 to 3 ounces of Champagne for a medium-sized scoop, which should get you around 8 servings with one bottle of Champagne. More

Serious Entertaining: New Year's Eve Party Tips from Event Planner Linnea Johansson

By New Years Eve, I've thrown and attended more than my fair share of holiday parties. I'll admit I'm a little worn out (can you get carpal tunnel from canap├ęs?) and my wallet is feeling noticeably lighter. So to get amped for one last holiday hurrah in 2011, I turned to Linnea Johansson, a celebrity event planner, Elle contributor, chef, and author of Perfect Parties. In addition to sharing her top party tips, she shares recipes for smokey deviled eggs, black truffle & Parmesan popcorn, and a Prosecco cocktail. More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 152: Happy New Year, Serious Eaters

Happy New Year, serious eaters. May your 2011 be filled with lots of seriously delicious food (eaten in moderation, of course—this is, after all, a Serious Diet post) with people whose company you enjoy. That's in fact what we strive to do every day on Serious Eats, and to the extent that we succeed, it's largely because of the warm embrace we receive from the ever-growing community of serious eaters all over the world. More

Cheers! Sparkling Wine for New Year's Eve

You can't ring in the New Year without bubbles. (Go ahead and toast with sparkling cider or a non-alcoholic punch dosed with club soda—it's the fizz that counts.) If you're not shelling out for real Champagne, there are a dizzying array of options. Luckily the Serious Eats team has sorted out the delicious from the drainpours and now present to you our top choices in bubbly for ringing in 2011. More

Peanut Butter: Good Foie Gras Replacement on New Year's?

Note: Lee Zalben, a.k.a. "the Peanut Butter Guy" is the creator of the Peanut Butter & Co., a New York sandwich shop with a national line of nut butters. Every week he chimes in with some nuttiness. Take it away, Lee! [Photograph: Lee Zalben] Champagne and foie gras—perhaps this is how you rang in the New Year during the stock market's boom times. But for 2010, you might not have the ducats to put on such a rich spread. And even if you can, perhaps you're opting for a less showy celebration. So if you aren't going to splurge on Krug or Veuve Clicquot, why not opt for some California sparkling wine or some affordable Spanish cava? And if you've... More

Seriously Good Affordable Sparkling Wine for New Year's

I'm a pretty wine-challenged guy, so I get easily flummoxed when I'm headed to a New Year's Eve party and I've been asked to bring some sparkling wine or Champagne. To my rescue comes my buddy Joshua Wesson of Best Cellars. Josh has an encyclopedic knowledge of anything wine-related, so he quickly reeled off for me four sparkling wines he said should be readily available anywhere in the country this evening. So if you're headed out tonight in need of a bottle to bring to your hosts, your sparkling wine/Champagne worries are over. Entry Level: Cava Segura Viudas Brut Reserva, $10 Movin' On Up: Mionetto Prosecco, $13 to $15 Takin' You Higher: Mum Napa Brut, $19 to $20 The Real... More

What Are Serious Eaters Doing on New Year's Eve? What's Your Favorite Brownie Recipe?

New Year's Eve usually drives me crazy. We can never figure out what to do. I hate going to restaurants, many of whom jack up their prices figuring people are so desperate to convince themselves they are doing something special that they don't mind paying the extra ducats. I don't like traveling far to a New Year's Eve party even in NYC because I don't like dealing with the crazies on the street and on the subways who are determined to suck everyone around them into their manic New Year's Eve behavior. So our rule of thumb on New Year's Eve is to go to a party in our neighborhood that we can easily walk to. This year our good... More

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