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A Critical Moment for the New Amsterdam Market at the South Street Seaport

New York Lauren Rothman 13 comments

The New Amsterdam Market has celebrated local food and historic New York City market culture in the seaport since 2007, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration between vendors and selling some darn tasty food to customers. But now a big-name corporation wants to kick the market out of its home, a move that would impact all of Manhattan's oldest neighborhood. More

Good Bread: New Amsterdam Market's Bread Pavilion

New York Andrew Coe 6 comments

A half dozen of our most talented bakers descended on the New Amsterdam Market last Sunday. The occasion was the third annual Bread Pavilion, featuring loaves made from local grains. More

The New Amsterdam Market Pops Up for Summer

New York Eunice Choi 3 comments

After a dispute with the City Council about the fate of the Fulton Fish Market, the New Amsterdam Market came back yesterday for summer, with 70+ locally-minded vendors selling everything from cheese to maple syrup, raisins dried on the vine to seasonal produce, from fresh-caught fish to cold-brewed coffee. And, of course, some ready to eat bites: tacos, sandwiches, and plenty of ice cream. More

City Council to Vote on New Developments for Fulton Fish Market

New York Max Falkowitz 1 comment

The city council is voting later this month on the fate of the South Street Seaport and the Fulton Fish Market. It's a decision that may leave the New Amsterdam Market, the Seaport's open air market and incubator for local and upstate food businesses and farms, without a home. More

What To Eat at the New Amsterdam Market Before it Closes for the Season

New York Max Falkowitz 1 comment

The New Amsterdam Market on South Street and Beekman only has four more weeks until it closes for the season, so if you're looking for Southern Manhattan's best mix of savory and sweet bites, local beverage makers, and high-quality ingredients for home cooking, now's the time to go. More

Cider and Small Plates at the New Amsterdam Market's Hard Cider Revival

New York Hally Wolhandler Post a comment

Cider Week was underway this Sunday at the second annual Hard Cider Revival at The New Amsterdam Market. The chefs of Marlow and Sons were serving up some delicious small plates paired with stellar ciders from New York Orchards. More

10 Great Scoops from Ice Cream Sunday at New Amsterdam Market

New York Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

We found not ten but eleven ice cream stands at yesterday's 3rd Annual Ice Cream Sunday at New Amsterdam Market. $30 bought ten miniature cones, perfectly sized so that it was indeed possible to devour them all with no regrets. Check out the innovative scoops from vendors including Princeton's Bent Spoon, La Newyorkina, and Il Buco Alimentari. More

Sugar Rush: Lemon Turnover from Runner & Stone at the New Amsterdam Market

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

This looks like an apple turnover but it's not. It's a Lemon Turnover ($3), the flaky pastry filled with a bright mix of lemon curd folded with lemon zest and candied lemons, all made by Runner & Stone. More

Good Bread: New Amsterdam Market's Bread Pavilion

New York Andrew Coe Post a comment

The New Amsterdam Market was a slice of bread heaven last Sunday. Fifteen of the city's best bakeries offered a dizzying array of delicious loaves, many of them created just for this event. The occasion was the market's Bread Pavilion, designed to showcase flours made from wheat grown by regional farmers. "We brought in bakers not normally in the market in celebration of local grains," said New Amsterdam founder Robert LaValva. The bakers came to support the farmers, and to compete. As Keith Cohen of Orwasher's said, "I brought my A game." More

New Amsterdam Market Starts the New Season with a Bread Pavilion

New York Donny Tsang 8 comments

The New Amsterdam Market, the open air market near South Street Seaport, returned this Sunday for the 2012 season. And what better way to open the new season than with a bread pavilion? More than a dozen local bakers brought their best creations for people to sample and to take home. More

What Not to Miss At New York Cider Week

Drinks Chris Lehault Post a comment

If you're in the NYC area and you've been keeping up with The Cider Press here on Serious Eats, but you're still hesitant to trade in your grapes or grains for apples, then consider next week's New York Cider Week an crash course in cider that you shouldn't miss. More

This Sunday, 8/21: Ice Cream Sunday at New Amsterdam Market

New York Carey Jones Post a comment

Ice cream lovers, take note: This Sunday, August 21, will be the second annual "Ice Cream Sunday" at New Amsterdam Market. (Here's a look at last year's!) More

A Look at New Amsterdam Market

New York Laura Togut 1 comment

We'll let the photos speak for themselves, but aside from the excellent array of foodstuffs, the New Amsterdam market was a pleasure to peruse: few long lines, plenty of space, and a sheltered space to keep out the sun. Not that we don't love all outdoor markets here at Serious Eats, but compared to some of the chaos out there, this is certainly a pleasant way to eat your way through through your Sunday afternoon. More

South Street Oyster Saloon: New Amsterdam Market April 9 Fundraiser

New York Jenny Lee-Adrian Post a comment

Get your fill of oysters and support the New Amsterdam Market by going to the South Street Oyster Saloon at the Fulton Fish Market from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., April 9. Swallow fresh-shucked oysters and other oyster dishes from April Bloomfield of The John Dory Oyster Bar, Alejandro Alcocer of green brown orange, Patrick Connolly of bobo Restaurant, Luke's Lobster, and others. Tickets cost $50 in advance, or $65 at the gate. More

Good Bread: Nordic Breads

New York Andrew Coe 5 comments

Finns haven't had to eat pine bark bread for more than a century, but the taste for rye loaves remains at the core of their culinary life. Expatriates have come from as far as Buffalo and California to Simo Kuusisto's Nordic Breads stand at the New Amsterdam Market just to get their hands on fresh loaves of his Finnish bread. More

Coffee Chronicles: New Amsterdam Market Goes Coffee Crazy

Drinks Liz Clayton Post a comment

After months of offering coffee service from a handful of select local vendors (like Stumptown, Blue Bottle and Intelligentsia), the "coffee, cocoa and oranges" themed weekend brought together coffee pushers from around the region to cup, teach, and brew. More

New Favorite Pie: Shandaken Bake at the New Amsterdam Market

New York Carey Jones 4 comments

No matter how many times we visit the New Amsterdam Market, we stumble upon something new and delicious. Case in point? The pies from Shandaken Bake, Craig Thompson's bakery in the Catskills. More

Meet & Eat: Robert LaValva, New Amsterdam Market

New York Laren Spirer 1 comment

"Government officials are recognizing that the Fulton Fish Market should be brought back to life—rather than turned into yet another banal development." Photo: Michael Lannon When we last spoke to New Amsterdam Market's Robert LaValva, he was just getting things... More

Ice Cream Sunday at the New Amsterdam Market

New York Brad Thomas Parsons 6 comments

On Sunday over 50 vendors--butchers, bakers, wine makers, restaurants, and more--gathered under the FDR Drive on South Street on the grounds of the original South Street Seaport for the latest edition of the New Amsterdam Market. But rain or shine, I wasn't going to miss the ice cream tasting extravaganza they were hosting, featuring 15-plus flavors from six local ice cream purveyors. More

New Amsterdam Market Is Back, Tomorrow June 27

New York Carey Jones 1 comment

Photos: Erin Zimmer This weekend's best food event? New Amsterdam Market's first meeting of the season. Head down to the South Street Seaport for great eats from all over New York City and beyond: 9 artisan bakers, the city's... More

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