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Big Brother Cafe in Netherlands Watches What You Eat

At the Wageningen University cafeteria, behavioral scientists spy on you from a separate control room. They record what foods you pick up, the facial expressions you make, and what your body type says about that purchase, all for a study on consumer food consumption. Ceiling cameras can even zoom in on your plate. [via CurdNerds]... More

Blogwatch: Netherlands' National Dish, the Raw Herring Sandwich

Raw herring is a Dutch specialty, so it's no wonder that the broodje haring, or a raw-herring sandwich, is the national dish of the Netherlands. Says Simply Sandwiches, "It's cold and a bit mushy, but has a refreshing freshness and bite from the onions and pickles that it's a pleasure to eat. It also helps that it's incredibly soft and I could probably eat it without teeth."... More

The Streets Are Alive with Giant Fried Eggs

If you visit Leeuwarden, Netherlands within the next six months, you might get to sit on one of the giant yolks of Dutch artist Henk Hofstra's art installation, "Art Eggcident." Unfortunately, there are no giant strips of bacon or slices of toast to go with it. [via Coldmud] Related Photo of the Day: Meatscapes Photo of the Day: Melting Ice Cream Truck Photo of the Day: Pasta Outbreak... More

Take a Cruise on the Pannenkoekenboot - the Pancake Boat

Photograph from Benidormone on Flickr Pannenkoekewhat? The Pannenkoekenboot, or Pancake Boat, is possibly the only boat in the world featuring an all-you-can-eat pancake buffet. For an hour or more while floating by the sights of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, or Nijmegen you can feast on pancakes and...more pancakes. Don't tell me you wouldn't go for this: We serve plain, apple and bacon pancakes and also have a buffet covered with ingredients to garnish your pancake with, such as cheese, ham, fruit, jam and chocolate sprinkles. Of course there is syrup and powdered sugar on every table. Of course—no pancake buffet is complete without syrup and powdered sugar. €13,50 may sound like a lot for pancakes, but while stuffing yourself with as... More

Amsterdam Eats

My friend Adam asked me for places to eat in Amsterdam. I used to go to Amsterdam on business four times a year. There's a lot of bad food in what is a lovely city. There's a great sandwich place... More

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