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Mother Dough: Is "Good" Good Enough in Los Angeles?

Slice Lance Roberts 13 comments

Bez Compani is as obsessed about Neapolitan pizza as anyone, but his restaurant, Mother Dough, is still flying under the radar in Los Feliz, despite plenty of raves. We went in to find out why and ended up eating some great pizza in the process. More

Los Angeles: Is 800 Degrees Really a Pizza Game Changer?

Slice Lance Roberts 27 comments

800 Degrees is leading the charge for a new group of Chipotle-like, fast casual pizzerias. But can assembly lines really produce a quality Neapolitan pizza? We got in line (multiple times) to find the answer. More

Sotto Pushes the Neapolitan Pizza Envelope in Los Angeles

Slice Lance Roberts 11 comments

Neapolitan pizza has gained a solid foothold in America, but where does it go from here? Los Angeles' Sotto responds with more intense flavors and next-level char...but is that the right answer? We went in to find out. More

Daily Slice: Margherita at Sotto, Los Angeles

Slice Kelly Bone 15 comments

Sotto is the newest venture from Steve Samson and Zach Pollack, formerly of Pizza Octica in Long Beach. Open since the end of March, it's remarkable that such a young oven reliably produces impeccably cooked pizzas. More

Oakland, California: High-Quality Neapolitan Pizza at Boot & Shoe Service

Slice David Kover 4 comments

The mission at Boot & Shoe is much the same as at Charlie Hallowell's Pizzaiolo. Neapolitan-inspired pizzas are topped with locally sourced ingredients and cooked in a wood-fired Mugnaini oven. More

Sacramento: Toppings Save the Day at Hot Italian

Slice Becky Grunewald 6 comments

Hot Italian is a Vespa sales outlet and clothing boutique that also sells pizza. Or is it a pizzeria that also sells T-shirts emblazoned with the words passione and veloce? The answer is that it's an unholy marriage of the two, but one that just about works. More

San Diego: Great Neapolitan-Style Pies at Pizzeria Bruno

Slice Erin Jackson 21 comments

Pizzeria Bruno is San Diego's first Neapolitan-style pizzeria and the home of some seriously tasty pies. This pizzeria doesn't cut any corners, and the resulting pies are quite impressive. More

Masullo Pizza: The Best Neapolitan Pies in Sacramento?

Slice Becky Grunewald 10 comments

Before Masullo Pizza opened in Sacramento, the river city had a dearth of Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza. In the two years since, with the opening of OneSpeed and Hot Italian, our quota has tripled, but I still think that the first is the best. More

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