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Happy National Pie Day

Our 15 favorite pies from all over America and countless pie recipes. This is a very important holiday. If Serious Eats had a mascot, it might be pie. We love pie (is love a strong enough word?) and are constantly searching for the perfect slice, whether sweet or savory. In honor of National Pie Day today we've asked our columnists to share their favorite pie recipes and most memorable slices from all over America. The Serious Eats Pie Honor Roll already includes many great bakeries, diners, and roadside farms, but we made a slideshow of 15 of our favorites. Grab a fork and get lost in pie-ness.... More

Poll: What's Your Favorite Kind of Savory Pie?

Rabbit pie. Get the recipe here » [Photograph: J. Kenji Alt Lopez] Yesterday we asked you about your favorite kind of pie, but the assumption was that this meant dessert pie. Of course "pie" can mean savory too. Just think of all the members of this family: quiche, pot pie, empanada, and calzone, and basically any other meat or veggie you can wrap up with a flaky crust. Since we accept all walks of pie life, we created a second part of the pie poll for National Pie Day. Take the poll! »... More

Poll: What's Your Favorite Kind of Pie?

The sign pointing to Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies in Red Hook, Brooklyn. [Photograph: Robyn Lee] According to the American Pie Council, National Pie Day is tomorrow, January 23rd.** So, naturally, we have pie on the mind. We're curious: what's the most popular kind of pie? Of course, you can't really go wrong with pie, no matter the filling. It's pie! If happiness were a food, it would probably be pie. This way to the poll! » **Not to be confused with Pi Day, the celebration of the symbol denoting the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter (aka 3.14). Naturally it's celebrated on March 14th, usually with pie and math geekage. Yeah, it's confusing, but is having... More

Banana Cream Pies in New York City

What is banana cream pie besides my most favorite pie in the universe? Just a combination of four of the best things on Earth: buttery pie crust, bananas, thick vanilla pudding, and a heavy dose of fluffy whipped cream. That's a little piece of stomach-crushing heaven right there. I once went to Billy's Bakery for dessert after eating dinner at Grand Sichuan with Kathy. Despite that we felt like our stomachs were going to explode and/or burn away from stuffing ourselves with hot Sichuanese food, we proceeded to dig into a hulking slice of their banana cream pie. The plastic plate it came on was barely strong enough to support the pie's heft. Each forkful of crust, banana chunk,... More

Really Intense Pie Pairings

Ever wonder what complements the sourness of rhubarb pie? Or the tartness of apple pie? After consulting the gastro-scientific website of joy FoodPairing, we’ve done some research and got the answers. Disclaimer: Some of these are awfully strange, and potentially inedible... If you’re having Rhubarb Pie, try: black tea, coffee, a broad range of fish (ew), apple juice or celery leaves. More bizarre pairings after the jump.... More

Vodka the Secret to Foolproof Pie Dough

When we talked to Cook's Illustrated publisher Chris Kimball just a couple of months ago, he shared with us a recipe for foolproof pie crust. "It's a brilliant recipe," he said. "The secret ingredient in it? Vodka." The alcohol adds moistness to the dough without aiding in gluten formation, since gluten doesn't form in alcohol. Here's the recipe: Foolproof Pie Dough... More

Sign-Up for the 2009 'Pies on Parade'

Colossal bummer. We missed last weekend’s 4th Annual Pies on Parade in beautiful coastal Maine. The Historic Inns of Rockland totally have their priorities straight, dedicating a weekend to fruity and savory fillings inside buttery crusts. Beyond the lighthouses and quaint scenery —yes, it gets better—those signed up receive a local Rockland cookbook called Let Us Eat Pie, a personal pie (all for yourself; no sharing) and a trademarked Pies on Parade poster. Again, mark your calendars NOW for next year. We apologize to the following charming inns for missing out: Berry Manor Inn, LimeRock Inn and Captain Lindsey House.... More

Look Who's Talkin' About Pies

It's no surprise that there's a fair amount of pie discussion in the Talk section of the site—or that it's smart, witty, and helpful. In honor of National Pie Day, here are some of our favorites. What's Your Pie of Choice and How Is It Served? "I lived in South Miami for fourteen years and had a yard filled with tropical fruit trees; my favorites of which were the Key Limes. So I quickly learned to make Key Lime pie (it's "easy as pie" with the right ingredients...especially limes right off the tree). So my vote goes to Key Lime pie. Although I like my own the best I rarely meet one I don't like. Great stuff." —toolminer What... More

In Videos: Mr. Scruff's 'Sweet Smoke'

British DJ Mr. Scruff must really like pie. Why else would he have made a music video portraying a city of potato-shaped people making pies and carrying them around like the hottest new accessory? Even the animals and robots love pie. Watch this animated world of pie excess after the jump.... More

The Best Pies in America: The Serious Eats Pie Honor Roll

In honor of National Pie Day I've decided to put together, with the help of serious eaters everywhere, the Serious Eats Pie Honor Roll. I've tasted most of these myself, but I've also taken the liberty of adding some pielicious places my friend John T. Edge has written about. Please add your favorite pie places to the Serious Eats Pie Honor Roll. More

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