'National Pancake Day' on Serious Eats

10 Recipes to Celebrate National Pancake Day!

Happy National Pancake Day! "It's NPD?" you may ask. Apparently there are two such holidays each year—one on September 26 and one on March 1, which IHOP celebrates by giving away free short stacks, not to mention Shrove Tuesday next week. Whether or not you decide to score the free flapjacks, here are 10 recipes to make at home, from oatmeal batter to orange butter toppings to the classic silver dollars. And what better time than National Pancake Day to cook outside the (Bisquick) box? More

World's Tallest Stack of Pancakes

The Daily Mail Happy National Pancake Day! How 'bout this: Sean McGinlay and Natalie King of Glasgow's Hilton Grosvenor hotel measured their pancake tower at 29.5 inches (75cm)—beating the current title by 0.4 inches.The chefs mixed about 100 eggs, more than 17 pints of milk, 11 pounds of flour and 6.6 pounds of butter for the challenge, a hotel spokeswoman said. It yielded 672 pancakes, the stack of which took 22 hours to build.... More

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