'National Meatloaf Appreciation Day' on Serious Eats

National Meatloaf Appreciation Day: End Pieces

Meatloaves from Married With Dinner, What We're Eating, Alosha's Kitchen, and Lanaberry. Leftovers get a bad rap, but not where meatloaf is concerned; I think a cold meatloaf sandwich the next day is the best part. In that spirit, we bring you the last of the meatloaf round up. Thanks to everyone who helped make the inaugural celebration of this humble, tasty dish a success! Sixteen more meatloaf submissions, after the jump.... More

Tamarind-Glazed Meatloaf

I was all set to celebrate National Meatloaf Appreciation Day with Wolfgang's bacon-wrapped meatloaf, but an afternoon spent thumbing through Suvir Saran's new cookbook, American Masala, changed my mind. I've had a lot of success with recipes from his first... More

National Meatloaf Appreciation Day: Second Helpings

Meatloaves from Off the Broiler, The Meatwave, Confabulation in the Kitchen, Last Night's Dinner, Erin Covert, and Nami-Nami. We had so many happy participants in our National Meatloaf Appreciation Day food event that we're sharing submissions in three groups—so much easier for you to digest! 15 more great meatloaf links, after the jump.... More

Cathy's Big Fat Meatloaf

Cathy Loup tells about being on the Atkins Diet and experiencing a craving for meatloaf, during which she devised a version that didn't rely on bread as a binder. It soon became a challenge to see how much fat and... More

National Meatloaf Appreciation Day: Fresh From the Oven

Meatloaves from What Smells So Good, Canela y Comino, A Sofa in the Kitchen, The Daily Raw Cafe, Add More Wine, and The Expatriate's Kitchen. It's National Meatloaf Appreciation Day, and we've had such a strong response to our call for loaf that we're breaking coverage into a few posts—so you can have meatloaf for breakfast, lunch and dinner! You may recall that we declared today National Meatloaf Appreciation Day to celebrate the unique combination of comfort and innovation that meatloaf embodies. We asked readers—and the Serious Eats team—to make a meatloaf, document the process and share their results. The first 15 meatloaf submissions, after the jump.... More

Reminder: National Meatloaf Appreciation Day Is October 18

As Erin mentioned in passing in the previous post, Serious Eats' National Meatloaf Appreciation Day is next week—October 18, to be exact. If you'd like to participate in our cook-along, the deadline is Tuesday, October 16. Just figured I'd remind you now so any of you procrastinators (like me) have the weekend to cook away like fiends. Details here. That is all.... More

Announcing National Meatloaf Appreciation Day

Meatloaf: You can make it from a classic pork-veal-beef mixture or with lean ground turkey. You can flavor-boost it with a packaged soup mix or deck it out with fresh herbs, dried fruits, and exotic meats. Meatloaf lends itself to improvisation while being comforting, and unites tradition and innovation. We're declaring Thursday, October 18 "National Meatloaf Appreciation Day" and are hosting a cook-along event to capture the festivities. What does this mean for you? More

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