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Taste Test: Hot Dogs

Taste Tests Erin Zimmer 88 comments

Ah, hot dogs. Meat tubes bursting with stars-and-stripes patriotism and, when they're good, a poppy snap with salty-garlicky-beefy juiciness. Even if you're not a "hot dog person" they just taste better on the Fourth. We went grocery shopping for the most nationally-available brands of all-beef franks, both skinless and with natural casing. Check out the results. More

Petition to Landmark Original Nathan's Famous on Coney Island

New York Carey Jones 1 comment

The original Nathan's World Famous Frankfurters shack, opened in 1916 on Coney Island, may be threatened by the ever-shifting landscape of Brooklyn zoning. One true Nathan's fan has penned an online petition to assign the building landmark status and save... More

Nathan's Hot Dog-Eating Contest Returns to Coney Island on July 4

New York Erin Zimmer 8 comments

Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut competing in Nathan's Hot Dog-Eating Contest 2008 during overtime. Despite New York City's proposal to crowd Coney Island with high rises, the original Nathan's hot dog stand will remain the venue for this year's... More

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Stand May Die With New Coney Island Plans

New York Erin Zimmer 5 comments

Nathan's has stood on the corner of Surf and Stillwell Avenues in Coney Island since 1916, but according to the Brooklyn Paper, the mustard dispensers might disappear. A new building with a hotel, amusement park, and retail stores may... More

Nathan's: Another Epic New York Food Line

New York Adam Kuban 8 comments

Nathan's Famous 1310 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11224 (map); 718-946-2202‎; nathansfamous.com Of all the New York City lines I've waited in, Nathan's, in Coney Island, has to be the worst. The line at the Shake Shack is long but... More

Young & Hungry: Going Out, But Not Broke

New York Jenn Sit Post a comment

Meeting up with friends for food and drinks in the city always seems to end with me bemoaning the state of my ATM balance the next morning. Last weekend, my solution to going out without going broke was to skip... More

Bar-Graphing Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Champs

Erin Zimmer 1 comment

Will another light-green bar, signaling a new world record, make its way onto this chart tomorrow? Will Joey Chestnut, the only American since 1999 to win the Mustard Belt, hold onto his title? He would make 1916 champ James Mullen proud. [via Waxy.org] Related: Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Shortened to Ten Minutes Photo of the Day: Patriotic Hot Dog from Nathan's... More

Photo of the Day: Patriotic Hot Dog from Nathan's

Robyn Lee 8 comments

"It is hard to argue that the frank at Nathan's is not the quintessential American hot dog," says Nick Solares in his post about the original Nathan's at Coney Island. The frank's patriotic quality stands out in his photo of the hot dog against a backdrop of the American flag—it's an ideal food for the 4th of July. We first saw this photo in Nick's Photograzing post. Be sure to share your most photogenic eats at Photograzing, Serious Eats' new food photography-sharing site.... More

Nathan's Famous Adds Calorie Count to Menu

New York Adam Kuban Post a comment

Capt. Nemo on ConeyIsland.com File under: Ignorance Is Bliss. New York mainstay Nathan's has complied with the Department of Health's mandate that calorie counts be added to the menus of chain restaurants with at least 15 outlets. It's interesting... More

More 'Grand Theft Auto IV' Food-Related Screenshots

New York Gordon Mark Post a comment

For previous real-life GTA IV locations: Food and Restaurant Screenshots in GTA IV 'Johnson's,' aka Nathan's Famous In the "Borough of Broker," in the "Hove Beach" neighborhood, stands "Johnson's," the "Home of the Wiener":... More

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