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First Look: Namu Gaji in San Francisco

Lauren Sloss Post a comment

When Namu, the restaurant by the Lee brothers (Dennis, David and Daniel), closed in the Richmond neighborhood, the people of San Francisco reacted strongly. Where else could we get a killer burger topped with kimchee relish? Or such a great pile of Korean fried chicken? Never fear, San Francisco. Namu Gaji, which just opened on the 18th Street power-block flanking Dolores Park, will fill your cravings for Namu favorites. More

San Francisco: The Tasty Kimchi Relish-Topped Burger at Namu

A Hamburger Today David Kover 10 comments

Pickled daikon radish, soy-glazed onions, dijon mustard, aioli, and kimchi relish. It sounds like too much, but the end result is a very tasty Korean fusion burger at Namu in San Francisco. More

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