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Jacques Torres' 5 Must-Have Pastry Tools

Jacques Torres posing with his class. [Photographs: Tressa Eaton] With colored balloons, heavy cream, and chocolate galore, it was pretty clear that the participants in Jacques Torres' "Chocolate Creations" class at the New York Culinary Experience last weekend were having way more fun than the other classes. Yes, those are balloons. Torres is very encouraging to those who want to try difficult pastry recipes at home. He tells would-be pastry chefs who mess up a project the first time to just do it again until they get it right. He took a minute away from cracking jokes and teaching the class how to make his whimsical creations to share the top fives tools you need when you want to... More

Dispatch from the NYCE: Marcus Samuelsson

Over this past weekend, the New York Culinary Experience—sponsored by New York Magazine and held in the shiny kitchens of the downtown French Culinary Institute—offered two days of cooking classes from some of New York’s most celebrated chefs. With topics... More

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