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Open(ish) Thread: Can You Tell a Pizza Is Good Just By Looking at It?

Yeah, yeah, the old book-by-its-cover saying comes to mind, but I think we've all done it: judged a slice by its appearance. I've walked into slice joints with pizza hounds where we've looked around, didn't like what we saw, and busted it out the door in search of better-looking fare. Granted, maybe we missed out on something amazing. But I'm wondering if you have any telltale signs that a slice or pie is good or bad. What indicators do you look for when you first walk into a pizzeria?... More

What to Look for in a Great Pizza

I asked our man Ed Levine what he looks for in a great slice of pizza, and he referred me to his book Pizza: A Slice of Heaven, where he says the following. I'll let Ed take it from here. —The Mgmt. The Crust I like my crust puffy, chewy, and pliant. A great pizza crust should be like a great football defense. It should bend but never break. The superior pizza crust is neither cracker-thin nor thick as bread. It should have a veneer of crispness and be softer and more tender on the inside. A great pizza crust... More

NYC Pizza Culture: What to Expect

When I first washed up on the greasy streets of NYC and bellied up to my first real NYC pizza counter, someone might easily have remarked, "You're not in Kansas anymore." Never mind that even though I grew up in Kansas I had arrived in NYC after living in Oregon for a spell, the phrase* was not unwarranted: New Yorkers do pizza differently than anywhere else.... More

How to Eat a Slice, aka 'The Fold Hold'

If your tip sags like a face without botox or your crust skews soggy or you've just gotta gulp down your meal as fast as possible, don't worry. We New Yorkers have our own special way of holding a slice. It's a technique that a former colleague of mine dubbed The Fold Hold. At its most basic, it's as simple as folding your slice in half lengthwise. You can see the results of this technique above. Not only does this method double the amount of pizza you can eat with one bite, it helps avoid the mess associated with... More

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