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Weekend Book Giveaway: My Milk Toof

Few things are as brain meltingly cute as ickle and Lardee of the blog My Milk Toof. While these milk teef's (you know, the plural of "toof") adventures may not be that compelling on a human scale, through the photography of Berkeley-based artist Inhae Lee, miniaturized activities including eating cereal, taking a bath, baking cupcakes, and exercising become the most adorable things you've ever seen. More

Photo of the Day: Ickle and Lardee Make a Gingerbread House

[Photograph: Inhae Lee / My Milk Toof] The plump baby teeth stars of photo comic My Milk Toof get into the holiday spirit by making a gingerbread house. Or at least Lardee is making a house—Ickle looks on in horror, as the house bears no resemblance to his professional blueprints. Related Photo of the Day: Cute Teeth Eating Watermelon Video: How To Make an Easy Gingerbread House Environmentally Friendly Gingerbread House... More

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