'My Latest Obsessions' on Serious Eats

My Latest Obsession: Baby Bananas

When not eating for work, I tend to rely on the same foods over and over—eggs, chickpeas, bananas. Lots of bananas. I find them more satisfying than most other fruit, a little more substantial; I love that creamy sweetness when they're perfectly ripe. But ever since I spotted mini-bananas at a fruit stand in Chinatown, I've been buying them up like crazy; once I've gone mini, I've never gone back. More

My Latest Obsessions: Wasabi Peas

Between the nose-tingling burn of wasabi and very poppable shape of peas, wasabi peas are impossible to stop eating. As in, oops there goes two-thirds of the bag (and double oops, that was six servings' worth!). A bag of them lives above my desk, but never lasts for very long. More

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