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Comment of the Day: A Tribute to Mr. Potato Head on National French Fry Day

Alison J Herzog 3 comments

"Mr. Potatohead hasn't always been plastic? My mind....it is blown. (Unless this is some "my Mr. Potatohead was made out of POTATO, and I walked barefoot in the snow five miles to get him" thing, in which case, carry on.)" Truculence, on "Equipment: Essential Sushi-Making Gear" More

Video: Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Commercial (1960s)

Robyn Lee 8 comments

Mr. Potato Head wasn't always the fat, hollow plastic lump with various accessories that we know him as today. When he was first created by Brooklyn-born toy inventor George Lerner in 1949, Mr. Potato Head was made of a real potato, leading to decades of kids jabbing tubers with plastic body parts. Those were the good old days. Watch this vintage toy commercial after the jump.... More

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