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Hot Dog of the Week: Kayem Old Tyme Reds (and Moxie) in New England

Hot Dog of the Week Hawk Krall 5 comments

When some friends recently came back from New Hampshire, I was expecting maybe a can of Moxie, but not a hot dog package complete with several brands of natural casing New England dogs (stowed in an ice packed cooler) along with a pack of top-split buns. Amazing. These dogs are very, very red too thanks to some artificial dye. More

13 Signature Drinks Paired with Regional Hot Dogs

Hawk Krall 18 comments

The next time you're in hot dog territory, wash down your dog with a can of Grapico, Moxie, a "Boston Cooler" or maybe even an ice cold mug of delicious fresh buttermilk. Some of these pairings are, yes, very strange. More

Moxie: The Official Soft Drink of Maine

Drinks J. Kenji López-Alt 32 comments

One of the oldest commercial soft drinks, Moxie's got a strong New England following. It starts out tasting like cola or root beer, but quickly moves on to a more medicinal bent with notes of wintergreen and bitters. Not surprising, as its main flavoring is gentian root, where many bitters get their characteristic, well, bitterness. More

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