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What's the Difference Between Pastrami and Montreal Smoked Meat?

Ben Jay 9 comments

In the Jewish deli world, pastrami is king. Except for where it's not. Head north to Canada and you'll find a product called smoked meat. It looks like pastrami, is made similarly to pastrami, and tastes not unlike pastrami. But don't think they're the same thing. More

6 Québécois Breweries You Should Know

Drinks Heather Vandenengel 4 comments

Today there are more than 70 breweries in Quebec. Here are six great ones to seek out. More

Where to Drink Beer in Montreal

Drinks Heather Vandenengel 6 comments

Montreal is a brewpub town, and a very good one at that. Here are 7 of our favorite beer-drinking destinations. More

Fous Follow-up: How Its Croissant Fares Against 6 Suggested Challengers

Sweets Jay Friedman 1 comment

During a previous trip to Montreal, I found that Fous Desserts had my favorite croissant in the city. A few months later, I made more bakery visits, ate far too many butter-filled bites, and spent time cleaning up crumbs in my rental car to see how Fous' would fare compared to other recommended croissants. More

8 Great Sweets to Savor in Montreal

Sweets Jay Friedman 5 comments

From a morning pastry at one of the many patisseries to an elegant evening dessert from one of the city's finest pastry chefs, there's no shortage of sweets in Montreal. Here are 8 that we're loving right now. More

The Sandwich and the Setting Are Special at Wilensky's in Montreal

Jay Friedman 2 comments

When you visit this beloved Montreal institution, you get a chance to talk with Wilensky family members who are simply going about their business. You might even find Moe's widow Ruth, now 93 years old, standing behind the counter, ready to serve you a sandwich and share a tidbit of history. More

Sugar Rush: A Different Kind of Club Sandwich at Chez L'Épicier in Montreal

Sweets Jay Friedman 1 comment

The chef at this witty and whimsical restaurant in Old Montreal has many surprises up his sleeve, including a "Club Sandwich" that's definitely not made with tomatoes and bread. More

Burger City Guides: Nadia G.'s Favorite Burgers in Montreal

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 9 comments

Nadia G. may be best known for cracking wise and cooking up a storm in a candy-colored kitchen, but the host and creator of Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen (now in its third season on the Cooking Channel) is also a big burger fan. We asked for her top five picks in her hometown of Montreal. More

Fous Desserts: The Best of Five Quality Croissant-Makers in Montreal?

Sweets Jay Friedman 4 comments

My mission during a recent visit to Montreal was to search for some of the top croissants in the city. Based on looks, texture, and flavor, I found a standout winner. More

Montreal: Two Places You Should Go to Eat Kouign Amann

Sweets Jay Friedman 5 comments

From a bakery that sells traditional cake-sized pans of this buttery Breton pastry to an upscale restaurant version that's heightened with caramel salt butter, if you're in Montreal, these two kouign amann shouldn't be missed. More

Sugar Rush: Nun's Fart (Pet de Soeur) at Café Sardine in Montreal

Sweets Jay Friedman Post a comment

Cafe Sardine's version of this Acadian sweet is made with a sourdough biscuit pastry, plus brown sugar, cinnamon, and cardamom. More

Sugar Rush: Mille-Feuille at Pâtisserie Rhubarbe, Montreal

Sweets Jay Friedman 1 comment

Amidst the gorgeous religieuses marron, stunning petite cheesecakes topped with grapefruit, cute jars of panna cotta and pot chocolat that you'll find at Pâtisserie Rhubarbe in Montreal, the 1000 Feuilles ($4.50) tempted me most. More

Deux Donut Experiences: Chez Boris and Café Sardine, Montreal

Sweets Jay Friedman 2 comments

Amidst the croissants and the kouign amann and the breads in the bakeries, doughnuts are on the rise in Montreal. At Chez Boris and Café Sardine, two different but delicious styles to try. More

Ask A Pastry Chef: What To Eat At Maison Boulud, Montreal

Sweets Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

The Ritz-Carlton Montréal closed for a four-year gut renovation and when they reopened last summer, they did so with Daniel Boulud's second location of Maison Boulud—the first is in Beijing—attached to the hotel. Pastry Chef David Jubin, formerly of Michel Bras and Le Louis XV in Monaco, heads the sweets department where desserts are simultaneously whimsical and decadent with plenty of nods to the region. More

Sugar Rush: Sapote Cheesecake (and More) at Les 400 Coups, Montreal

Sweets Jay Friedman 1 comment

Far from a customary cheesecake, this creamy, custardy square was slightly nutty, earthy. Pecans and oats offered crunchy contrast to the silken cheesecake, while caramel added sweetness. Best of all was the accompanying pear sorbet, made in a Pacojet and bursting with fruit flavor. More

5 Things You Might Not Know About Maple Syrup

Amy Cavanaugh 12 comments

On a recent trip to Montreal, I visited the Maple Museum which chronicles the history and science of maple syrup and the shop sells a range of maple-related food products, such as maple salad dressings, maple salts, and maple butter. Here are five things to know about maple. More

Da Bologna Pizzeria's Mercedes is a Montreal Pizza Pacesetter

Slice Natasha Pickowicz Post a comment

Montreal-Nord continues to reveal itself as one of the city's most dynamic pizza regions, with Da Bologna's trademark dough—a yeasty wonder that's both light and substantial—confidently at the head of the pack. More

Daily Slice: Downtown Pizza at Arlequino, Montreal

Slice Natasha Pickowicz 2 comments

Content with delicious pizza in Montreal suburban neighborhoods like Marie-Clarac, St. Leonard, and LaSalle, what happens when our Montreal correspondent ventures to try one of Montreal's most popular downtown pizza spots? More

Chain Reaction: Dic Ann's, Home of Montreal's Favorite Super-Thin Burgers

A Hamburger Today Chris 'Zeke' Hand 9 comments

The Dic Ann's burger is an anomaly. The patty is less than two ounces (about 50 grams) and pressed as thin as possible, almost like the smashburger technique except it's pressed prior to cooking. After being griddled for about 30 seconds per side, it's placed on the bottom of a standard white bun that has also been lightly toasted after being squished to a quarter of an inch of its life in a sandwich press, garnished with their secret spicy meat sauce, some chopped onion, mustard, and relish, covered with the top bun, and served on a paper plate with a tongue depressor to help you prop the burger up so that your hands don't get messy. More

Montreal: Ground-to-Order Burgers at La Flammée

A Hamburger Today Chris 'Zeke' Hand 8 comments

For the longest time I have been extremely reticent to make a definitive answer when asked, "What's the best burger in Montreal?" There are far too many different styles and different types, so I would diplomatically say, "it depends on your mood, the time of day, who you're with..." and so on. Fortunately (or unfortunately as the case might be) I have recently discovered a burger that renders that whole dance of diplomacy moot. More

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