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Shoofly Pie

The following recipe is from the July 15 edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! I grew up just outside of Philadelphia, and that meant many educational school field trips to... More

Cook the Book: Grasshopper Pie

This is the pie version of the grasshopper cocktail, a sweet and mint after-dinner drink that was popular in the South throughout the 1950s and 1960s. This pie is certainly from another era (marshmallows and green food coloring?), but the combination of chocolate and mint is undoubtedly delicious. This is also a wonderful summer dessert since it requires very little stove and oven time. More

Cook the Book: Simple Cherry Pie

My plan for today is to visit the Greenmarket and stock up on pie-worthy summer fruit for the week. Not confident of my pie-baking abilities, last week I took two beautiful pints of sour cherries and used them to make sour cherry and black pepper infused vodka. Hopefully there are still some sour cherries to be had this week to use in this recipe for simple cherry pie. Hopefully number two will turn out as well as the first one, wish me luck! More

Cook the Book: 'Mrs. Rowe's Little Book of Southern Pies'

While I know that it is usually a mistake to make broad generalizations, I'm going to go ahead and throw this one out there: There are two types of people in the world, those who can cook and those who can bake. I fall into the cook category; I am a pretty good home cook and I've even spent some time cooking in restaurants. I can braise with the best of them and sear like a pro. Sauces and stocks from scratch are a given, and I can roll out pasta like an Italian grandmother. However, when it comes to dessert I get more than a little nervous. I am not a baker. I just don't have it in me.... More

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