'Molfetta' on Serious Eats

Snapshots from Italy: Lunch on an Adriatic Fishing Boat

Editor's note: Serious Eats correspondent Carey Jones, eating her way around Italy, will be reporting back from Rome, Bologna, Tuscany, and Puglia. My mental image of a Southern Italian fishing boat looks something like this: The seaside town of Molfetta, far down Italy’s eastern coast, has fed off the Adriatic waters for millennia—for most of that time, probably from little wooden boats like these. Records of a fishing village at this site date back as far as the fourth century B.C.; and while Molfetta gained later prominence as a Mediterranean trade hub and manufacturing town, fishing remains a healthy industry. Indeed, throughout the region of Puglia—the heel of Italy’s boot—food production continues to be an anchor of the local economy.... More

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