'Mojo sauce' on Serious Eats

Grilling: Mojo Marinated Chicken

On a quest to duplicate my one of my favorite chickens of all time, I finally hit the nail on the head—mojo sauce! A base of sour orange mixed with oil, garlic, oregano, and cumin serves as a marinade and baste for this bird, and what comes off the rotisserie in the end is a sight for sore eyes and a party for the taste buds. More

Serious Heat: My Love for Mojo Sauce

My first introduction into the wonder of mojo sauce was one of the early seasons of Top Chef, where a contestant (the always entertaining, Howie from the Miami season) braised pork shoulder in a mojo sauce to rave reviews. But that's only the beginning of mojo, which I've discovered since then has many uses and variations. Mojo does triple-duty as a fiery marinade, a condiment, and as a tenderizer for meats, seafood and poultry. More

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