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Modernist Christmas: Shishito Peppers with Pomegranate Caviar

Why not slip a little something modernist on the holiday table along with the cheese balls and beef logs? Recently I've been obsessed to the point of possessed with shishito peppers. Shishitos are about the length of a jalapeno but thinner and more malleable to the touch. They're also not quite as fiery but definitely pack a healthy dose of lingering, pleasant heat. More

Modernist Eats: Spherified Green Eggs and Ham

Spherification has historically been the gateway drug for many an aspiring at-home modernist cook. It's got wow-factor. I mean, you're turning liquid into a semi-solid spherical state for goodness sakes, and it's edible. It's also not too hard to get your hands on the necessary chemicals, which are naturally-occurring and plant-derivative. This is not only an homage to Dr. Seuss but an ideal appetizer to serve to skeptical guests who may be reticent to embrace modernist trends. More

Modernist Eats: Sous Vide Egg Souffle

Perhaps my favorite food prepared en sous vide is the humble egg. The 63°C custard egg on many modernist restaurant menus these days is a thing of cult fascination. But today I want to share with you an egg prepared sous vide in an entirely different way than just tossing it in the bath. This, my friends, is a sous vide soufflé. More

Modernist Eats: Turn Pepperoni into Powder for a Popcorn Topper

Try as I might, I've never been able to combine the two American flavors of pepperoni pizza and popcorn without making a soggy, gloppy mess. Until now. I have harnessed the might of modernist cooking and smashed two of the best things in life into one just like a sorceress on steroids. For this new Modernist Eats column's kickoff post, I've figured out a way to smatter pepperoni onto popcorn. More

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