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Disappointing Peanut Donuts at Mister Donut in the Philippines

That's Nuts Lee Zalben 6 comments

Do good peanut donuts exist out there? The Mister Donut stand at the Manila airport's Terminal 2. [Photographs: Lee Zalben] I was on my way to Cebu, an island in the Philippines for some serious scuba diving but ran into a layover at the Manila airport. I was intrigued when I spotted a Choco-Peanut Donut at the Mister Donut, located right by my departure gate. No matter how you look at it, this donut wasn't very chocolatey or nutty! Of course I bought one, but I'm sorry to say, it was not all that special. It had very little chocolate flavor, and the peanut coating was very, very light, however the donut did have a very soft cakey texture.... More

Snapshots from South Korea: Pizza Doughnut from Mister Donut

Slice Robyn Lee 8 comments

From May 8 to May 12 I visited Seoul for the first time, mostly to eat as much food as I could and learn about a cuisine I knew little about. I know I just wrote a post about Mister Donut, but that was about the doughnut I liked. Here's one that was less successful and strange enough to deserve its own post. As the story* goes, one day the chefs at Mister Donut headquarters thought, "Hey, why don't we make a doughnut that's pizza-flavored?" And enough people responded with, "I don't know; let's try it," that the Pizza Roll... More

Snapshots from South Korea: Pon de Ring Doughnuts from Mister Donut

Robyn Lee 19 comments

From May 8 to May 12 I visited Seoul for the first time, mostly to eat as much food as I could and learn about a cuisine I knew little about. I've never been a doughnut lover, which seems odd considering that I have a penchant for fried things, sweet things, and doughy things. Why does the combination of the three fail to fill me with explosive joy? Did I have a traumatic doughnut experience as a child? (Actually, I sort of did; my early doughnut memories involve unappealingly dense, dry cake doughnuts from a local gourmet food shop.) Or maybe it's because I live in New York City, which to me isn't a particularly good doughnut town. But when... More

New Burger/Doughnut Creations from Mosdo in Japan

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 3 comments

One is a doughnut-like treat that looks like a burger and the other is a burger that kind of looks like a doughnut. But neither creation from Mosdo, the partnership between Japanese chains Mos Burger and Mister Donut, actually combines... More

I Want This Now: Mister Donut's Cute Cellphone Charms

Robyn Lee 8 comments

Photograph from yusheng on Flickr If you live in Taiwan, go to Japanese doughnut chain Mister Donut for some ridiculously cute cellphone charms, including the elephant charm above. (Look at those ears! There's cream coming out of them! Cream!) Yusheng explains that the chain is having a promotion where for every NT$70 (about $2 USD) you spend, you get a scratch-off card with 1 to 5 points. When you collect 10 points, you can exchange them for a cellphone charm. If I lived in Taiwan, I'd be at Mister Donuts every day to collect all four.... More

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