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Video: Minnesota State Fair's Food on a Stick

If it can be shoved on a stick, the Minnesota State Fair probably has it. In this video from Wallet Pop, Jason Cochran tries to find as many foods-on-sticks as possible, from the basic corn dog to Swedish meatballs to Scotch eggs. Methinks I need to plan to go to next year's fair. Watch the video after the jump.... More

What to Eat for Breakfast at the Minnesota State Fair

Hooray for foods on sticks! [Photographs: Lori Writer at Heavy Table] If you need direction on what to each for breakfast at the Minnesota State Fair, running from now until September 7, Heavy Table has you covered with their guide to the fair's breakfast choices. Whether you want something on a stick (chocolate-dipped waffles and bacon slabs, anyone?) or would rather eat sitting down (french toast, scrambled eggs, etc.), they give over 15 recommendations on where to get your morning sweets and savories. I'm glad that cream puffs count as breakfast. (You can also search for specific food items at the Fairborne's Fabulous Fair Food Finder.) Related In Videos: Foods on a Stick at the Minnesota State Fair What's... More

In Videos: Foods on a Stick at the Minnesota State Fair

If you can't eat it on a stick, then my goodness, why bother eating it at all? That's the genius ad campaign behind the Minnesota State Fair, which unfortunately wrapped up over Labor Day weekend. Nicknamed "The Great Minnesota Get-Together," the fair proves that even a pickle works better on a stick. If you have any sharp skewers lying around, go ahead and stickify your foods. Watch the thirty seconds of stick-bearing glory after the jump.... More

What's Your Favorite Food on a Stick? It's Gotta Be Served at the Minnesota State Fair

©iStockphoto.com/SweetyMommy It's Labor Day weekend, and that means it's Minnesota State Fair time. The New York Times reports that fairgoers can enjoy—get this—60 different foods served on a stick, ranging from corn on the cob to smoked walleye to meatballs and spaghetti on a stick. I started thinking about two things: What are the 50 foods being served on a stick? Here's all the food and drink being served at the fair, but there is no way of knowing what's stick-based and what isn'tWhat is my favorite food on a stick? I do love a good corn dog, but more often than not I'm disappointed in the corn dogs I order. Plus, my picking a corn dog means I... More

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