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Mindy Fox's Red Quinoa, Raw Asparagus and Endive Salad with Shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano

When asparagus is truly in season, like at this exact moment, the vegetable is so sweet and tender it doesn't even need to be cooked. Just thinly slice the stalks, dress them with a vinaigrette, and you're left with a stunningly simple fresh asparagus salad. The only catch is that they are often light, bordering on the insubstantial. This recipe from Mindy Fox's Salads: Beyond the Bowl solves that problem by adding red quinoa. More

Cook the Book: Chinese Roast Chicken Buns with Scallions and Spicy Hoisin Sauce

David Chang of New York's Momofuku has proved that pretty much anything is delicious when served inside a steamed bun with sliced cucumbers, hoisin, and Sriracha. At Momofuku, the buns are stuffed with pork belly (the classic), shrimp, or shiitake mushrooms. These Chinese Roast Chicken Buns with Scallions and Spicy Hoisin Sauce from Mindy Fox's A Bird in the Oven and Then Some are obviously inspired by the Momofuku buns, but are filled with slices of smokey Tea-Brined Roast Chicken. More

Cook the Book: Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Roast Chicken, Shredded Brussels Sprouts, and Parmesan

Another ingenious leftover chicken recipe from Mindy Fox's A Bird in the Oven and Then Some, this Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Roast Chicken, Shredded Brussels Sprouts, and Parmesan is a perfect farewell to brussels sprouts season. Thinly shredded and sautéed with a butter and olive oil, the brussels sprouts are mixed with shredded chicken, golden fried slices of garlic, and loads of grated Parmesan. More

Cook the Book: Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes with Coarse Pepper and Wispy Scallions

It's a simplified mash made with only a few ingredients—creamy yellow Yukon Golds, sea salt, cracked pepper, a few tablespoons of good olive oil, and scallion slivers. Unlike mashed potatoes that are loaded up with cream and butter, these let the sweetness of the potatoes and olive oil shine through. But even without the dairy, they're creamy with little bites of spicy peppercorns and oniony scallions scattered throughout. And when the juices from the chicken run into the potatoes? Well, it doesn't really any better. More

Cook the Book: 'A Bird in the Oven and Then Some'

Mindy Fox, food editor of La Cucina Italiana, has authored a new cookbook all about roast chicken. A Bird in the Oven and Then Some begins with 20 new recipes for roasting chicken, taking inspiration from her travels. Roasters get the Korean barbecue treatment with a sweet and spicy sesame soy glaze, while a Greek-style bird is cooked with caper butter and roast lemons, and one is inspired by the herby, fatty porchetta. Enter to win a copy of the book here. More

Pumpkin Seed Brittle

The following recipe is from the October 14 edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! Last week we had the pleasure of sharing some of our favorite recipes from acclaimed pastry... More

Cook the Book: 'The Craft of Baking'

Of all the celebrity chefs, how many of them are from the dessert world? I am wracking my brain to come up with at least one celebrity pastry chef, and I've got nothing. Mario handles the Italian front, Rachel takes care of meals for harried moms, Ina brings a reserved classiness to the table, Tom acts as mentor and judge for aspiring young chef—but what about sweets? Everyone loves dessert, so why do pastry chefs get the shaft? In the spirit of bringing pastry chefs into the realm of food royalty, I would like to hereby nominate Karen DeMasco for the title of celebrity pastry chef. DeMasco's desserts have been a big hit here at Serious Eats for a while,... More

Cook the Book: 'Olives and Oranges'

The daughter of a foreign correspondent and the famed food authority Nancy Harmon Jenkins, Sara Jenkins, author (along with food writer Mindy Fox) of this week's Cook the Book selection, Olives & Oranges, spent her formative years caravanning around Europe absorbing local flavors and learning culinary traditions. By the time she was a teenager, Sara had lived in France, Lebanon, Spain, and Italy. It is no surprise, then, that Sara's cooking—at such illustrious restaurants as 50 Carmine, Il Buco, and I Coppi—is as whimsical and improvised as it is rooted in Mediterranean traditions. With Olives & Oranges, Jenkins builds on the "language of flavor" she learned along her travels. From classics such as Lemon Olive Oil Cake and Tuscan... More

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