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Bottom Shelf Beer: Which Is The Best Superlight Beer?

Last Thursday I turned Meredith the pizza lady's birthday into an excuse to drink too much in the afternoon, because I'm the sort of thoughtful and generous friend who will buy you a belated birthday lunch anyplace your heart desires as long as your heart desires pizza and beer at an old-man bar. Meredith doesn't drink much beer and she eats pizza for a living, but she's sweet as a peach and pretended to be excited to have her afternoon highjacked in pursuit of my vices. More

Whose Beer Blog Is This?

brewblog.com Anheuser Busch and Miller have historically fought over the beer market, with the former ahead by nearly 30 percent of sales. Beer blogging, however, could change all that. Enter Brew Blog, the brainchild of two Miller communications consultants who created the web media arm as a source of daily-updated beer industry analysis. It's not trying to be Miller-centric, but instead cover beer news, with topics ranging from new Australian craft beers to those Heineken mini-kegs and Costco's creation of a generic-brand German lager. There are, however, a bunch of Miller press releases sprinkled in between. The site doesn't hide its Miller affiliation, showcasing the "brought to you by..." message prominently on the homepage, but corporate blogging asks an interesting... More

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