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Going Beyond Vanilla: À la Mode Alternatives

Vanilla ice cream with pie is a classic combination, but why not try something different? My three favorite words in the language of desserts are à la mode. In fact, I love ice cream so much that I frequently wish I could invert the formula, as in, "I'll have three giant scoops with a sliver of pie on top." But when it comes to the dizzying array of cakes, crumbles, and crostatas made from all sorts of ingredients—chocolate, coffee, fruit, nuts—why do we so often limit ourselves to crowning our sweets with dollops of plain old vanilla? Don't get me wrong—I have nothing against vanilla ice cream. I just don't understand why it is the end all be all flavor... More

Porter House New York

Porter House New York: A steakhouse with a chef back where he belongs. Photograph courtesy of Jason Perlow Steakhouses don't usually have chefs in charge. For example, who's the chef at Peter Luger? Or Gene and Georgetti in Chicago? Or the Pacific Dining Car in Los Angeles? I don't know, and I am willing to wager a steak dinner at Luger that nobody else does either. That's because steakhouses are traditionally not chef-driven; they're prime, preferably dry-aged meat and perfectly golden hash-brown-potato driven. Although celebrity chefs have gotten into the steakhouse game (because they love red meat and love developing concepts that can be cloned and yield profits with minimal oversight), I can think of only one serious chef... More

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