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Behind the Scenes: Making Olmeca Altos Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico

Drinks Michael Dietsch 1 comment

The Los Altos highlands of Jalisco are known for their iron-rich red soil and high altitude: we're talking about 7,000 feet above sea level. (Take that, Mile High City!) This is where Olmeca Altos tequila is produced. Join us on a tour behind the scenes... More

Snapshots from Mexico: The Best Things I Ate and Drank in Nayarit

Lauren Sloss 11 comments

Ultra-fresh seafood, sprawling salsa bars, and more fresh corn tortillas than you can shake a fish at—it's all waiting for you in beautiful Nayarit, Mexico. More

Video: On Oaxaca, Mexico and the Importance of Corn

Daniel Klein Post a comment

The fourth film in our Mexico series takes us to Oaxaca. The city is a culinary Mecca and there's no ingredient more important to the region—or the country, for that matter—than corn. We met with Amado Ramirez Leyva, the guru of Mexican corn, to find out more. More

Video: Making Chocolate, Changing Mexico

Daniel Klein 2 comments

When we set off to film a story about Cacao in Mexico, we thought it might follow the usual how-to progression of growing cacao, fermenting the beans, toasting and grinding them, and finally making them into chocolate. What we found instead was a chocolate producer (Casa Tropical) and a cacao farmer (Doña Demetria of CASFA) with a shared passion, for not just the flavor and product, but the spirit behind the fruit and the trees. They opened up to us about this ancient food and the role it holds in Mexico's future. More

Video: Oregano Farming in Mexico

Daniel Klein 6 comments

Our journey to this story began with a phone call to Steve Sando, of Rancho Gordo. A few minutes into our chat, he told us about a rural community in Hidalgo, Mexico that was growing beautiful oregano in an effort maintain the life and vibrancy of the surrounding community. We were sold. More

Video: Two Weeks in Mexico

Daniel Klein 2 comments

When it comes to eating, Mexico may be the best place on earth—at least in our humble opinion. We traveled to Chiapas, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, and the Capital Federal for two weeks, where we spent time with Oregano farmers, mushroom hunters, cacao growers, and corn farmers. And all along the way, we ate. This video is a compilation of our favorite bites, packed into one food porn-heavy minute. Enjoy! More

Behind the Scenes at Casa Herradura Tequila Distillery

Drinks Andrew Strenio 2 comments

Join us for a virtual tour of Herradura's operation in action—from the agave nursery to the harvest, the giant clay ovens to the fermentation tanks, the stills to the barrels, and everything in between. More

The Food Lab: The Best Caesar Salad

The Food Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 18 comments

We all know what Caesar salad is. Chopped romaine lettuce and garlicky croutons tossed in a creamy dressing made with eggs, olive oil, lemon, parmesan, Worcestershire sauce, and anchovies. There's a reason that in the 90 years since its invention, it's become the default second salad option at every single major restaurant chain in the country: even when mass-produced, it's combination of savory, creamy, tangy, and crunchy ingredients is tasty stuff. But we can do better than those chains in our own kitchens, I hope. More

Market Scene: Mercado San Juan in Morelia, Mexico

Market Scene Naomi Bishop 10 comments

The site of the Mercado San Juan has hosted a market in one form or another since pre-Hispanic times. Fittingly, the ingredients for sale are the building blocks of the traditional foods you see on the streets of Morelia: brightly colored guavas, pitayas, and tiny plums that will turn up in gaspacho de frutas (local fruit salad, topped with cheese and hot sauce); honey and sugar that will end up in the multitude of sweets for which the town is famous; and sweet corn, in varieties ranging from kernel to leaf, and even in fungus form. More

14 Great Bites from the Morelia en Boca Food and Wine Festival in Michoacán, Mexico

Naomi Bishop 1 comment

This three-day celebration in the capital of Michoacán, Mexico covers all things ingestible, from lypholized avocado to every mescal under the sun. Here are our 14 best bites from the festival. More

Market Tours: Mercado San Juan in Mexico City

Joshua Bousel 8 comments

While Mexico City's sprawling La Merced market can fulfill on almost all common goods for Mexican cooking, in contrast, Mercado San Juan delivers on just about everything else. For what it lacks in scale, Mercado San Juan makes up in diversity. It still has the ubiquitous bins of chiles and mole pastes, but they seem to be placed there only by default as each stall in the market truly amazes with its gems of delicacies, the unusual, and the rare. More

Market Tours: La Merced in Mexico City

Market Scene Joshua Bousel Post a comment

Beyond all of the amazing Mexican items there are to experience at La Merced market, it's the overall enormity of the market that's the real attraction. More

Sugar Rush: Boozy Ice Cream from Tepoznieves in Tijuana

Sweets Erin Jackson 1 comment

Tepoznieves has over 60 different flavors of ice cream and sorbets, including several sorbets made with a splash of booze. More

Sugar Rush: Cajeta Crepes at Caesar's in Tijuana, Mexico

Sweets Erin Jackson 3 comments

Don't leave TJ without trying this knock-out dessert at Caesar's. Two thin crepes are topped with rich and creamy goat's milk caramel, toasted nuts, berries, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. More

Behind the Scenes with Javier Plascencia Cooking Octopus and Cow Udder in Tijuana

Erin Jackson 1 comment

Maybe you've heard of Javier Plascencia. He's among a group of chefs in Baja who have pioneered a new cuisine: Baja Med, which blends local ingredients with Mediterranean and Asian flavors and techniques. We visited Mision 19 restaurant to watch him work his magic with octopus, cow udder, tuna, and root veggies. More

A Sandwich A Day: Carne Asada Torta from Tortas Wash Mobile in Tijuana

A Sandwich a Day Erin Jackson 2 comments

Tortas Wash Mobile is Tijuana's first, most famous, and longest-standing torta stand. In 1964 the stand opened with no official name and was unofficially branded Tortas Wash Mobile because of its location, adjacent to TJ's first car wash. Today, the car wash is long gone, but locals maintain a fierce and passionate loyalty to the only item they serve, a carne asada torta (35 pesos, or less than $3 US). More

A Sandwich A Day: Torta Ahogada from El Tio Pepe, Tijuana

A Sandwich a Day Erin Jackson 8 comments

El Tio Pepe makes tortas in the traditional Guadalajara-style: drowned in a spicy chile de arbol sauce. The torta ahogada (36 pesos, or less than $3 US) features juicy cuts of braised pork that are stuffed into pan salado (salt bread) that's brought in fresh from Guadalajara three times per week. More

Mexico: Five Burgers Worth Checking Out In Tijuana

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 13 comments

Burgers may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you get hungry in Tijuana, but there are tasty burgers to be had, whether you go for food truck fare or fine dining. More

An Authentic Mexican Meal in the Baja Desert

Farley Elliott 3 comments

We found ourselves in the middle of the Baja desert in Mexico, eating homemade tortillas made from fresh masa, along with a plate of chicken mole. This is one of the most authentic meals you're likely to taste for miles. More

Hangover Helper: The Chicharrón Gordita from the Fiesta Americana Grand Hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico

Drinks Farley Elliott 6 comments

For this Hangover Helper, you're going to need a passport. A thousand bucks or so wouldn't hurt either. First step: Buy a round-trip ticket to Los Cabos, at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. You could just buy a one-way ticket, but that ends up being a very different trip. More

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