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The Nasty Bits: Tongue Cemita Sandwich

I used to think that the best usage for beef tongue in Mexican cuisine was tacos de lengua, but that just goes to show you how little I know about tongues. Turns out I like tongue cemitas just as much as tongue tacos, if not more. A cemita is a class of Mexican sandwich with meat, avocado, white cheese, onions and some sort of red sauce, usually on a sesame seed roll. Regional variations abound. More

A Sandwich a Day: Torta Ahogada from Mextiza in Portland, OR

Mextiza is a newish Mexican restaurant in Portland that has a popular older sibling, Autentica. Mextiza offers over 60 brands of tequila, and dishes that are indigenous to the many regions of chef Oswaldo Bibiano's native Mexico including Toluca, Sinaloa, and Hidalgo, among others. The sandwich highlight is the Torta Ahogado, slowly cooked sliced beef that's simmered in a red sauce and served with refried beans, onions and thinly sliced radish. More

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