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Ted's Steamed Cheeseburgers; Meriden, Connecticut

A Hamburger Today Nick Solares 30 comments

If it's Tuesday, it must be time for another review from Nick Solares. Nick is also the publisher of Beef Aficionado, his blog that explores beef beyond burgerdom. "They lined us all up in front of a hundred yards of... More

Hamburger America: Steamed Cheeseburgers

Adam Kuban 1 comment

A cloud of steam billows from a small metal chamber as Paul Duberek removes one of many tiny pans from its interior. He scoops a meaty leaf of ground beef from it onto a waiting kaiser roll. A second tiny pan cradles the gooey white cheddar that tops the famed steamed cheeseburger at Ted's Restaurant in Meriden, Connecticut. Travel with Hamburger America for a visit. More

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