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Midnight Snack: Fondue and Its Ilk in the East Village

Chances are high that if you're in any semblance of a relationship (real or imaginary), the days ahead are going to be filled with some combination of hand-holding, adoring stares, and breathless whispers. A guy or gal is bound to get hungry after so much endless romance, and one of the sexiest ways to refuel is fondue—or the Swiss art of shared cheese-dipping—and its many cultural counterparts. With a reputation for late nights and a number of different cuisines represented in the 'hood, the East Village offers a convincing argument for getting cheesy with the apple of your eye. More

Deal of the Day: All Three Mercaditos

Mercadito, Mercadito Cantina, and Mercadito Grove are offering all-you-can-eat taco deals. At Mercadito Cantina, it's $21 (plus you get a free draft beer on Tuesdays) and at Mercadito and Mercadito Grove, it's $23. Check the website for addresses and hours.... More

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