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Hip-Hop Alinea

From the "Lazy Sunday"–inspired Grant Achatz rap: "... Yo, where’s the first course? / Garnished roes, dude. / Then hit the fois gras, it's my favorite food. / I prefer Pork Belly. / That’s a good one, too. / Sweet Potato is the best. /True that. / DOUBLE TRUE...." [MenuPages Chicago]... More

Grant Achatz on Blogging

MenuPages Chicago talks to Alinea chef Grant Achatz about his involvement with the just-launched Atlantic Food Channel: The blogging has been very self-educational for me. It is rare that chefs take the time to step away from their kitchens (or TV studios) to reflect on the why and what it is that they do. I will produce between 2 and 3 posts per week, in the beginning I will focus on my recent travels to Madrid and Japan and how these trips both informed me of changing times in modern gastronomy.... I think it will be a cool look into what I think is a very transitional time in gastronomy, and how Alinea is reacting to it. Related: 'The Atlantic'... More

Controversy: Did Chicago Food Critic Pat Bruno Unmask Himself on 'Throwdown'?

MenuPages Chicago: "Could it be that the head restaurant reviewer for a major metropolitan newspaper decided to blow his anonymity out of the water by appearing on a highly rated, nationally aired television show featuring the signature dish of his hometown, with his cover being only the inversion of his highly recognizable name?" MP also notes Bobby Flay's praise: "'You guys are the best judges we've ever had... You guys should do this for a living.'"... More

How to Survive a Tasting Menu in Six Easy Steps

"Three: Don't go in hungry. The last thing you want to do is show up ravenous at Charlie Trotter's and dive headfirst into the bread plate. Have a protein-rich breakfast and a light lunch, and snack if you're hungry. The key to the tasting menu is pacing yourself, and that's hard to do if you're ready to gnaw off your own arm before you've even left the coat check." [MenuPages Chicago]... More

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