'Mentos Diet Coke fountains' on Serious Eats

Why Mentos and Diet Coke Create Fountains

Rough surface: One of the reasons why Mentos, magnified here, are fountain-makers. What really makes Mentos and Diet Coke form those fizzy fountains we love to watch on YouTube? Until recently, explanations were mere conjecture. But a physicist at Appalachian State University in North Carolina set her students on the trail. What they found: Diet Coke works best, even though other fizzy liquids were tested Caffeine does not accelerate the reaction, as had been theorized It is not a simple acid-base reaction, as had also been speculated What's happening, said the physicist, Tonya Coffey, is that Mentos are an ideal shape, texture, and weight to encourage carbon dioxide bubbles to form in the Diet Coke bottles.... More

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