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17 Juicy Grilled and Smoked Pork Recipes for Your Memorial Day Table

From juicy chops to fatty belly to fall-apart-tender ribs, versatile pork is the perfect "other meat" for your grilling menu. Handled properly, it's moist and flavorful, and picks up the smoke and char from the grill like nobody's business. It also takes well to being brined, rubbed, sauced, seared, and slow-cooked. We've got 17 recipes to really make it shine come Memorial Day weekend. More

16 Seafood Recipes for Your Memorial Day Bash

Sure, Memorial Day may be a burgers and 'dogs kinda holiday, but that doesn't mean that seafood can't make a splash. Stock up on some fish-friendly wine or beer and throw some shrimp, whole fish, or even octopus on the grill—seafood makes an impressive main attraction that pairs beautifully with classic summery fare like corn, tomatoes, and other grilled vegetables. We've got 16 recipes to get you started. More

23 Burgers and Steaks for Your Memorial Day Grill

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, and nothing quite says summer like a burger or steak hot off the grill. Whether you're firing up a big, fancy outdoor grill, or heating up a griddle on your stove, we've got you covered. Think cheesy, oniony, and beefy burgers and their tasty vegetarian counterparts, along with the very best ways to grill the very best steaks (and what inexpensive cuts will still taste great). More

18 Grilled Vegetable Recipes for Your Memorial Day Cookout

Meat tends to hog (ahem) the spotlight on Memorial Day, but don't forget about the veggies. Not only do they complement grilled meats perfectly, but many stand as satisfying main courses of their own. From creamy potatoes to bright, crunchy salads to grilled vegetables of all stripes, we've got 18 crowd-pleasing recipes for your holiday grill. More

Every Recipe For Your Memorial Day Cookout is Right Here

Hey Serious Eaters! It's one of our favorite long weekends of the year. The unofficial start to summer, the time of the year when it once again becomes socially acceptable to crack a beer before noon when the weather is nice, and of course, the real kickoff to grilling season. Planning on firing up your grill for Memorial day but don't know what to cook? Don't worry. We got you covered with our Ultimate Guide to Memorial Day Cookouts. Check it out! More

18 Sausage and Hot Dog Recipes for Memorial Day

Come Memorial Day, you're going to find hot dogs and brats on grills all over the country. There's nothing wrong with just slapping a store-bought dog on the grill, breaking out the mustard, and calling it a day, but if you want to take your tubed meat game to the next level we've rounded up 18 of our favorite hot dog and sausage recipes. More

24 Juicy Grilled Pork Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise: there's virtually no part of the pig that can't be grilled. Whether it's ribs and bellies oozing with succulent fat, trim and lean tenderloins, or the whole, spit-roasted hog, the smoke and heat that emanates from a pile of well-tended charcoals does something we'll go so far as to term magical. We've got 24 of our favorite grilled pork recipes to keep your Memorial Day grill at work all weekend long. See them all after the jump! More

The Ultimate Memorial Day Recipe Guide

We've spent the last week putting together a series of recipe guides to help you out by the grill this weekend. Here they are, all in one place. You'll find chicken, steak, sausages (homemade and storebought), hot dogs, pork, barbecue, and vegetables, along with grill-side drinks, make-ahead desserts, and all manner of finger foods. All you need is to provide the grill, some will, and a serious appetite. More

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