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Taste Test: Kinoko No Yama vs. Choco Boy, Mushroom-Shaped Chocolate Snacks

Sweets Robyn Lee 9 comments

In the battle between chocolate "mushroom cap" and biscuit "mushroom stem" snacks, how does the imitator stand up to the original? Pretty well. More

Meiji's Almond Chocolate: Original, Smart Sweet, Crispy Puff, and Crunch

Sweets Robyn Lee 3 comments

I've seen Meiji's Almond Chocolate snack on Asian supermarket shelves since I was a kid, but it didn't entice me until I recently set my eyes on a new flavor: Crispy Puff. More searching revealed that there were four varieties of Almond Chocolate. Naturally, I tried them all. More

The Best Japanese Chocolate and Cracker Snack Shaped Like a Mushroom

Raphael 14 comments

Perhaps the best use of two dollars, Meiji's Kinoko No Yama ("mountain mushrooms"), are found at even the most average Japanese market. The chocolate cap and biscuit-like cracker stem harmonize wonderfully. And the chocolate-to-cracker ratio is spot on. While the milk chocolate isn't great quality, similar to Glico's Pocky, there's something about the chocolate's density that offsets the cracker stem perfectly.... More

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