'Megnut' on Serious Eats

What Megnut Ate While She Was Expecting

Serious Eater Meg Hourihan (aka "Megnut") weighs in on the "what to eat when you're pregnant" issue with her usual blend of passion, intelligence, and common sense: Every pregnant woman needs to find her own balance, and it's not going to be the same for each. For me the anxiety of worrying about what I ate was worse than actually eating it. Early on, I was so worked up I wasn't gaining enough weight. And that's a much worse consequence for a developing fetus. Why take any risk? Because life is risky. Are you going to stop driving because you're pregnant? Are you going to stop leaving the house? I found my balance between enjoying food and tolerating risk, and... More

Meg's Mean Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

After Meg put out the call for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, she received a whooping 26 different recipe submissions. I feared for Meg's health and mental well-being as I imagined her toiling away in her hot kitchen testing all these recipes, but I should have known better. "So like any good geek, I averaged the recipes for make the best cookie recipe ever, or what I call a Mean Chocolate Chip Cookie."... More

Eavesdrop On Cutting-Edge Chefs at Diálogos de Cocina

Today in the LA Times, Regina Schrambling recommends you eavesdrop on cutting-edge chefs at Diálogos de Cocina next Monday and Tuesday: The forum itself — Kitchen Dialogues, in English — is ambitious enough, with one entire afternoon devoted to "other ways" of seeing, thinking, understanding and cooking. The chefs ramrodding it are the Ferran Adriàs of San Sebastián, which itself is the mecca of the food world right now because of its concentration of wildly adventurous, highly praised kitchens: Pedro Subijana of Akelare, Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz, Juan Mari Arzak of Restaurante Arzak and Martín Berasategui, whose restaurant bears his name. And the speakers they have lined up cover the food spectrum, from Carlo Petrini, the founder of Slow... More

Serious Eats Basics: Braising

Serious Eats' Meg Hourihan gets advice on cooking chicken wings from an unlikely source, fancy-pants French chef Daniel Boulud. // By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C // found at http://www.brightcove.com/publishertermsandconditions.html. var config = new Array(); /* * feel free to edit these configurations * to modify the player experience */ config["videoId"] = null; //the default video loaded into the player config["videoRef"] = null; //the default video loaded into the player by ref id specified in console config["lineupId"] = null; //the default lineup loaded into the player config["playerTag"] = null; //player tag used for identifying this page in brightcove reporting config["autoStart"] = false; //tells the player to start playing video on load... More

I Hate Being Discriminated Against Because I'm Skinny

I hate being discriminated against because I'm skinny. "What often happens is that I'm standing in a pizza line next to a big guy and two pizza slices come fresh out of the oven for us. The server takes a look at me and then at him and gives me the smaller piece and him the bigger piece."... More

Gastrokid Is a Great Blog About Feeding Kids Good Food

Gastrokid is a great blog about feeding kids good food. Two dads write it and share recipes and tales of success in getting their children to eat vegetables (like broccoli rabe) and fruit. A great source of inspiration for anyone trying to feed healthy, whole foods to their children. [via Typepad Featured Blog]... More

Wine Knot Holds Six Wine Bottles

Every weekday between now and December 22, I'm going to do a food enthusiast gift idea. There will be ideas for all gift-giving budgets, so if you find yourself stuck for a present, and the myriad lists other people have created can't help, you might spy something here. Today we begin with a Wine Knot from Modern furniture purveyor Design Within Reach. An "ingenious interplay of shape and color," Wine Knot holds six liter wine bottles, with space in the center for a magnum. This is a wine holder for display, not cellaring. $98 from www.dwr.com.... More

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