'Meet and Eats' on Serious Eats

Meet and Eat: Niki Achitoff-Gray, Serious Eats Intern

It's time to meet another one of our stellar interns. Say hello to Niki! She knew she was a serious eater when she was about five years old and her mom took her to the oyster bar in Grand Central. "She told me I could try one to see if I liked it and to her surprise and amusement, I threw it back 'like a sailor' and politely asked for more." More

Meet and Eat: Will Gibney, Serious Eats Summer Intern

It's time to say hey-llo to another Serious Eats intern. Meet Will! He loves his mama's home-cooked meals and has a guilty pleasure for McDonald's hashbrowns (shh, don't tell). He first realized he was a serious eater at age 12, when he was genuinely excited to receive a spray bottle of balsamic vinegar from his mom as a present. More

Meet and Eat: Adam Richman, The Man of 'Man vs. Food Nation'

Adam Richman, one of the more serious of eaters around, is the host of The Travel Channel's hit show Man vs. Food Nation. In each episode he travels to a different city and coaches a local through food challenges, tackling everything from a six-pound barbecue sandwich to a super spicy pizza. We recently chatted with him over the phone to find out his pre-challenge routine to get warmed up, his favorite spot for mint chocolate chip ice cream, his last bite on earth, and more. More

Meet & Eat: Hayley Daen, Serious Eats Intern

It's time to meet another new SE intern, Hayley! Originally from South Carolina but studying in Scotland, Hayley will be with us all summer at the office. She's already helped us alphabetize our cookbook library (phew), organize taste tests, and shared tasty snapshots from her travels. You'll be seeing many more posts from Hayley, but in the meantime, learn more about her, check out her blog bakingthebook.blogspot.com, and say hello! More

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