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Amazing Pasteurized Milk from The Grey Barn and Farm, Chilmark, MA

Before I get into why this is the best pasteurized milk I've ever had, I should backtrack and say that I love raw milk and have long been a fan of Mermaid Farm, which for years was Martha's Vineyard's lone source of unpasteurized milk. But the pasteurized milk that Grey Barn and Farm proprietors Eric and Molly Glasgow and their herd of Dutch belted cows are producing in Chilmark, MA is astonishingly good. More

Oak Bluffs, MA: Raymond Schilcher's Lobster Specials at Lobsterville Bar & Grille

Lobsterville Bar & Grille is the Oak Bluffs harbor front restaurant where Raymond Schilcher, a veteran of the once-heralded Oyster Bar (and several other Martha's Vineyard kitchens), recently took over as executive chef after cooking off-Island for several years. The menu is big and crowd-pleasing, full of local seafood, chowders, and big sandwiches. But it's the nightly specials roster that has Schilcher's best work written all over it, including a few Oyster Bar classics. More

Oak Bluffs, MA: Ben DeForest's 'Island Fresca,' Corn and Tomato Soup

The foundation of Island Fresca is about as humble as it gets: corn broth, which DeForest makes by simmering stripped corn cobs in water for a good 90 minutes. From there he strains the broth, adds chopped fresh tomatoes and the reserved corn kernels, melts in a little butter, and seasons with salt and pepper. A generous glug of sweet, verdant basil oil and a handful of high-quality Reggiano are last-minute—but crucial—additions. More

What to Eat On Martha's Vineyard

With approximately 40 farms, 125 miles of coastline, and a community whose interest in and support for eating good food is constantly growing, Martha's Vineyard has never been a better place to take in a meal. Here, we give you our regular haunts for diner breakfasts, picnic lunches, ice cream breaks, fine-dining dinners—and everything in between. More

Ed Levine's Caloric Journey, Week 178: A Week at the Vineyard

We've been up on Martha's Vineyard for eight days now, and I thought I would give you a caloric journey progress report. On the Fourth, our friends the Grands invited us over for raw clams and oysters, homemade gravlax, and Ann Grand's justifiably famous pulled pork. Ann's pork is amazing, but I managed to avoid both heaping seconds on my plate and piling the pork on the soft hamburger buns she provided. Again, though I could have done better, I also could have done a lot worse. As for the rest of the week... More

Chilmark, MA: Clam Shack Favorites at The Bite

Bite clams come crammed in one of those classic cardboard boxes that all New England seafood shacks seem to have, fresh out of the hot oil so that the bottom of the container develops oil spots. The batter is substantial and craggy—perfect for swiping up the pickle-y tartar sauce without falling apart—but light enough that the rich, creamy, mineral-y clam belly flavor comes through bright and clear. More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 84: Do You Ever Scare Yourself Into Eating Less?

"Many thanks, serious eaters, for all the shout-outs of support and encouragement." I scared myself into not eating last week, and not just because of what I ate on the road in Chicago. Erin pointed out that my real downfall was the double meal I ate last Tuesday night. It started with oxtail, shepherd's pie, jerk chicken, leg of lamb, and goat at The Islands with Erin and Carey. Then it was (and this was the killer) two pork roasts and two fried chicken recipes from Donald Link's and David Chang's books that Cook the Book's Caroline Russock made at her house for a cookbook competition we are participating in. So when you think about it, my two-pound weight gain... More

Dinghy Dogs: A Hot Dog Worth Having on Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard is an island full of mediocre hot dogs. You can get a hot dog just about anywhere you turn either on the island, or on your way there; in the ferry terminal in Wood's Hole, on the ferry itself, in convenience stores, even in clam shacks. But until Dinghy Dogs opened in Oak Bluffs Harbor there was not a hot dog worth the calories and salt. It's a tiny place—just a stand, actually—but they do hot dogs right. They start with a a grilled all-beef kosher style hot dog made by Pearl Meat Packing Company in Boston. Ask for your Martin's Potato Hot Dog Roll toasted, some good deli mustard, some chopped onions, and sauerkraut if it... More

Slice Advice for the Obamas: When in Martha's Vineyard, Go to Joey's Pizza in Oak Bluffs

"There is a righteous balance to a Joey's slice." Dear Obama family, When you get to Martha's Vineyard next week you'll notice that pizza is ubiquitous on the island. Even in towns with less than a handful of retail establishments like West Tisbury and Chilmark there will be at least one place selling pizza that someone will tell you is the best to be found on the Vineyard. Do not listen to these people. Garcia's Deli is the closest shop to your rental property making and selling pizza. Its pizza leaves a great deal to be desired. As does the... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 19: Pies Are My Weakness

I forgot my scale (I was going to throw it into my duffel bag when we left the house on Wednesday), so I'm afraid there will be no moment of reckoning, no not-so-high drama, in my diet post this week. We have been up on Martha's Vineyard for two days now, and I must say my diet challenges up here are great, so there's plenty to write about and report on. I have been coming to the Vineyard for more than thirty years now, and I have battled my addiction to pie for at least that long. Check that. I think my mother must have been addicted to pie, so she gave birth to a pie-addicted son more than fifty... More

Vineyard: Amazing Ca. Peaches, Great local soda

Four days of eating on Martha's Vineyard and what did I discover: The best local soda I've ever tasted: Cape Cod Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale: Simultaneously sweet and tart, plenty of cranberry flavor, could go a little heavier on the ginger. I know about Cheerwine and the like, but are there other great local sodas most people don't know about? A very fine Little Rock Farms blueberry pie made with wild Maine blueberries. An excellent Mrs. Blake's Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with her usual moist and flaky crust and filling that could have been less sweet. Fried clams from John's Fish Market in Vineyard Haven that were crunchy, clammy, and yummy. Wispy, thin onion rings that were battered to order (as... More

Mrs. Blake's Pies, My Favorite. What's yours?

Having come to Martha's Vineyard for the last 28 years I can tell you that it is not a place you come to eat in great restaurants. I always advise my friends who vacation here to buy some fresh fish at Larsen's, Poole's, The Net Result, or John's Fish Market, some freshly picked lettuce and corn at a farmer's market, and a few vine-ripened tomatoes, and then you'll eat like a king or queen at the house you've rented. But the island does have one amazing foodstuff you can't get anywhere else, Mrs. Blake's pies. Mrs. Blake's husband sells her pies in a little hut in front of their house on State Road a couple of hundred yards before you... More

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