'Marmite' on Serious Eats

Beef, Ale, and Marmite Pie

We have reached the end of May, and with it, the last dish of Marmaggedon. This recipe celebrates Marmite's salty, savory flavor in the form of ale-stewed beef wrapped in flakey pastry. It makes a hearty, filling dinner but could just as easily go along on a picnic as a chilled dish, instead. More

Cheddar-Marmite Scones

As we enter our fourth week of Marmageddon, we'll be delving into the world of baking. Most people enjoy their Marmite on some toast with butter, so we were confident that adding the salty spread to some cheddar-studded scones would hit the spot. These small cakes are simple and deeply savory, begging to be slathered in even more Marmite and butter. More

British Bites: Coddled Eggs with Marmite Mushrooms

We're going to call the month of May Marmageddon—each week this month, British Bites will feature a recipe using one of the most polarizing ingredients in the British culinary arsenal: Marmite! If you're one of those poor souls who has yet to embrace Marmite, I'm sorry. I sincerely hope that Marmageddon inspires you to bring this brown paste home and give it a shot. First up: coddled eggs with mushrooms and Marmite. More

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