'Mariscos Tacos' on Serious Eats

Bay Area Eats: Fish Tacos Extraordinaire from Mariscos Sinaloa

Tacos de pescado. When I want a fish taco, this is where I go. It's an hour's drive from where I live, and I have to rustle up a couple of burly guy friends (no going solo because the area's pretty sketchy and I'm chicken), but this is where I go. Mariscos Sinaloa. In four years of seeking out fish tacos, I've not found a better one than that served up by the folks at Mariscos Sinaloa. Plump, lightly battered, and deliciously moist morsels of fish are served up on a griddled tortilla, adorned with tomatoes, red onions, and jalapeƱo. Ceviche de pescado. On top of that, they do a mean fish ceviche. Firm to the bite with plenty... More

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