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Chain Reaction: Waffle House

You may not consider Waffle House a burger place, but I submit that theirs is actually better and a much better bargain than what the clown, the king, and the pigtailed girl are handing out. Hot, steamy, melty, with real grease dripping off of it—this is fast food without everything that makes fast-food cringeworthy. More

Chain Reaction: Houlihan's

The 17-state chain strives to be everything to everyone, meaning the food can be wildly inconsistent and often guilty of the trying-too-hard approach. It's possible, though, to navigate this menu for a burger (despite the goofy names and overdone toppings) that's better than what you'll get at a nondescript T.G.I.Chilibee's. More

Chain Reaction: Cracker Barrel

Perhaps no restaurant chain is more closely associated with the Great American Road Trip than Cracker Barrel. Their ubiquitous billboards, telling you how many "miles ahead" the next location is, push big fluffy biscuits, down-home veggies, and warm peach cobbler. But I've never seen one spotlighting their burger. Now I know why. More

Market Scene: Marietta Square Farmers' Market in Marietta, Georgia (with Recipes!)

I enjoyed strolling through the Marietta Square Farmer's Market in Marietta, Georgia, over the weekend. This market is heavy on artisan products—they had everything from Old World-style baguettes (snagged one), goat cheese (that too), meat pot pies, decorated cupcakes and cakes, and several vendors with jams. Check out the photos and my many original recipes for peach salsa, peach scones, chilled peach soup, chipotle peach jam (can you ever have too many peach recipes?) and fried green tomatoes. More

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