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Spot of Tea: Mariage Frères Casablanca Tea

Drinks Carrie Vasios Mullins 4 comments

Casablanca is one of my favorite movies. It has been since I was little, when I'd watch the film with my father, a man who probably still knows all the lines. He'd sigh over Ingrid Bergman ("Now that was a woman") while I slowly developed a crush on Bogie. I'm still holding out for a man who can make a bow tie look so sexy, and I'm still partial to anything I can associate with the romance of the film. I'm explaining this because only such a deep seated nostalgia would prompt me to pay $22.50 for a canister of tea. More

Spot of Tea: Mariage Freres Thé de Paques

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 7 comments

The Serious Eats office is pretty well stocked with tea, but this is what we've been reaching for over and over; we're brewing up so many pots of Mariage Freres Thé de Paques that we're going to run out far too soon. More

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