'Mari Tuttle' on Serious Eats

Brownies Worth Waiting For

On the fudgy-cakey brownie continuum I'm a straddler. I like them moist like fudge but I don't want them to taste like either flourless chocolate cake or uncooked dough. This brownie straddling makes it really hard to find brownies I swoon over, but Mari Tuttle manages to do it with a couple of her Mari's New York flavors. Her caramel sea salt brownies have a slightly briny quality I really like, and her Thai coffee brownies pack a hefty caffeine-like wallop. I also appreciate the size of Mari's brownies—they're little one inch squares, just enough to get your brownie fix without feeling bloated. Mari's brownies are pricey, $15 for six little squares plus shipping, but in this case you do... More

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