'Mardi Gras' on Serious Eats

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Whether you celebrate today as Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, Carnival, Mardi Gras, or simply the-day-to-stuff-yourself-silly-before-Lent, food is sure to be on your mind. We've got you covered. More

How to Make Classic New Orleans Muffulettas

Originally created at the Central Grocery in New Orleans when the enterprising owner suggested that customers place their typical lunch of sliced cured meat and preserved vegetables inside the bread instead of alongside it, this sandwich is one of the few foods that actually gets better as it sits around at room temperature. With only four ingredients, it's exceedingly simple to make, and there's no better time than on Fat Tuesday. More

We Try Popeye's Mardi Gras Cheesecake

Though I don't eat a lot of dessert, I am one of the legions of fast eaters who will follow Popeye's into most any culinary battle, so I had no problem imagining a genre-redefining Mardi Gras Cheesecake experience. The reality? A bitter disappointment. More


For folks outside of New Orleans, the square, fried fritters which are covered (perhaps buried) in powdered sugar are probably most closely associated with the French Quarter's famed Cafe Du Monde, a coffee shop established back in 1862. More

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