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March Madness Pizza Discounts: Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Vasectomies, and More!

Slice Niki Achitoff-Gray 7 comments

March Madness may not be quite as good for business as super bowl season, but pizza chains around the country are definitely milking it for all it's worth. So if you're watching the game—or, in my case, resentfully watching your boyfriend watch the game—now's the prime time to sweeten the deal with a big ol' cheesy pizza pie. Here's how to get the maximum bang for your buck. More

Taco March Madness: Final Four Winners

The Serious Eats Team 7 comments

All week we've been sharing the national taco bracket we worked on with Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine (you'll find the full story in their March issue). So far we've told you all 64 picks in the four regions: West, Midwest, South, and East. Now it's time to announce the Final Four tacos and the tournament's big winner! More

The Search for America's Best Tacos: East Coast Contenders

The Serious Eats Team 23 comments

We're not going to lie: As any West Coast or Southwestern transplant can tell you, finding great tacos on the East Coast is no easy task, but it's not impossible. You just have to be willing to go a bit off the beaten path. Head to neighborhoods with large Mexican immigrant populations and the trucks hanging out on street corners. The east coast is where we also found some more of the high-end chefs making everything from the ultra-traditional to the far more rarefied taco. More

The Search for America's Best Tacos: Midwest Contenders

The Serious Eats Team 38 comments

We were happily surprised to discover that the Midwest has more than its fair share of amazing tacos. Large Mexican immigrant populations and a newfound appreciation of inexpensive-but-tasty fast food has been a positive boon for taco trucks and taquerias in urban centers like Detroit, Columbus, and Chicago. More

The Search for America's Best Tacos: Southern Contenders

The Serious Eats Team 40 comments

And we're back with another edition of our March Madness-style tournament of tacos. We traveled thousands of miles to taquerias, taco trucks, corner stores, and carnicerias to find the 64 very best tacos in the country as part of a feature for Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine's March issue. Yesterday we told you about the West coast picks; today we're heading to the South for migas and suadero. More

The Search for America's Best Tacos: West Coast Contenders

The Serious Eats Team 42 comments

Traveling all over this great nation of ours to taquerias, taco trucks, carnicerias, and anywhere else serving up a serious taco, we narrowed down the national list to 64 contenders divided by region: West, South, Midwest, and East. After much discussion, quite a few intense roadtrips, and a little indigestion, we arrived at our favorites. Up first: the West coast division, from the deep-fried fish tacos of the Southern California coast to the taco trucks in the Bay Area, and all the way up to Washington state. More

March Madness Indeed: Top 10 College Foods for Blitzed Students

Adam Kuban 3 comments

J&J Blog Just at the buzzer, Endless Simmer shoots and scores with a guide that ranks the teams in this year's NCAA tournament based on which schools have the best foods to eat while drinkin'. Endless Simmer's choices are solid, but like any bracket, there's room for debate. They've ranked Georgia at No. 1 for its nearby Luther Burger. A solid choice, but perhaps the obvious one. I'm pulling for a Cinderella win from underdogs Wisconsin, represented by the mac-and-cheese pizza available at Madison's Ian's Pizza.... More

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