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The United States of Pizza: Connecticut

If you are only a casual pizza fan, you'd be excused for underestimating Connecticut's contributions to the slice-o-sphere. After all, isn't it NYC and Chicago that get all the attention from TV shows and food writers too lazy to go beyond the tired Big Apple–Windy City rivalry? In fact, parts of Connecticut have had world-class pizza operations for upwards of 85 years. That's not to mention all the relative newcomers (emphasis on relative) that have opened in the nearly nine decades of Nutmeg State pizza ascendancy. Let's take a look at some of the options for those unfamiliar with the state's crusty, cheesy, saucy offerings. More

Photo of the Day: Guaranteed to Raise a Smile

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] At first I thought this was just a random, absurd name for a pizzeria. It wasn't until I parked the car and walked around the corner to shoot the sign that I finally got the pun. Sgt. Pepperoni 956 Main Street, Manchester CT 06040 860-783-5818... More

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