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Madison: Burger Greatness for Meat Eaters and Vegetarians at Graze

Last year when chef Tory Miller of L'Etoile opened up his much more casual affair Graze—where he could apply his vast skills and devotion to locavorism—Madisonians knew they were in for a treat. In making his burger, Miller delivers a decidedly straightforward affair with impeccable ingredients that come together in stellar fashion. Not content to only please meat eaters, Graze also offers a veggie burger that raises the bar for what a meatless burger can be. More

Meet a Chocolatier: Gail Ambrosius in Madison, Wisconsin

Gail Ambrosius seems to have it all figured out. She turned a tough situation (getting laid off after ten years at the same job) into a glorious opportunity by doing what so many of us chocolate geeks long to do: head to Paris and study under the masters. With technique and experience under her belt, she launched Gail Ambrosius Chocolates in Madison, Wisconsin, in 2004 and has since been garnering praise for her wide range of offerings and unusual bonbon flavors—shiitake mushroom truffle, anyone? More

Bob's Bad Breath Burger Deliciously Lives Up to its Name at Weary Traveler in Madison, WI

A perusal of the menu at Weary Traveler does not inspire confidence in the place's ability to make a burger. Options like Tom Ka Tofu, Hungarian goulash, and vegan chili are not ones I have typically found in my favorite burger joints. But one step inside and it's clear the place offers the kind of comfort that would make anyone welcome and inspires confidence in the burger. More

The Old Fashioned: An Outstanding Burger at Madison's Most Wisconsin of Restaurants

The Old Fashioned House Burger is topped with an impressive pile of deliciousness, including a generous mass of soft caramelized onions, a very thick slice of medium sharp cheddar that melts all over the place, and thick strips of bacon from Bavaria Sausage, a local company that's been making sausage in Madison for almost 50 years. All of that is topped with a perfectly cooked soft fried egg and placed on a soft, toasted roll that's just dense enough to hold together under the strain of the juicy patty and all of the toppings. More

Madison, Wisconsin: A Disappointing Dud at The Roman Candle

I try to be as positive as I can in these reviews, but after a couple of bites, I have to confess—I was shocked that the place had been highly recommended by anyone. Maybe I caught The Roman Candle on a bad night, but the nicest thing I can say about the pizza is that the mozzarella was good. And when the cheese is the best part of the pizza, there's a problem. More

Market Scene: Dane County Farmers' Market in Madison, Wisconsin

Every Saturday morning from mid-April until the first week of November, Wisconsin farmers gather around the capitol building in Madison for the Dane County Farmers' Market, the largest producer-only farmers' market in the United States. The place is packed with eager buyers every week and is so successful that there is a four-year waiting list for farmers trying to get in. More

Mac and Cheese Pizza: Ian's Pizza, Madison, Wisconsin

Photograph from John Kannenberg on Flickr I thought I had blogged about this crazy phenomenon already, but a search through the Slice archives brought up bupkes on it. The thing at right is a slice of pizza topped with mac and cheese. It's sold—where else?—in the Dairy State, Wisconsin, Madison, to be exact. At a joint called Ian's Pizza. The University of Wisconsin's Daily Cardinal gives some insight into the founder Ian Gurfield's motives: "Gurfield, a graduate from the University of Massachusetts, opened his first Ian’s location on Frances Street in 2001—when he was only 21 years old. He... More

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