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School Lunch in Puerto Rico

The Culinary Ambassador Corps 7 comments

These days they serve them lots of "comida criolla," or local fare such as rice and beans, lasagnas, pepper steak, and even "pastelones," which are Puerto Rican casseroles made sometimes from sweet fried plantains or mashed potatoes. They also offer lighter fare, such as sandwiches, wraps, or even hot dogs, if that's considered light. There are some salads, but if the kids say they will not eat them, they will not give salad to them—as if kids really know what's best for them! More

Condiments in ... Puerto Rico: Mayoketchup

The Culinary Ambassador Corps 46 comments

The typical condiment of Puerto Rico is mayoketchup—a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup. Everyone has their recipe for it, and you use it to dunk fried foods like tostones and sorullitos de maĆ­z. More

My Sigh Monday: MadelynRodriguez Makes Valiant Effort with Grilled No-Knead Pizza

Slice Adam Kuban 1 comment

MadelynRodriguez's ersatz "Popeye" spinach pizza based on the one at NYC pizzeria Company. [Photograph: Karma-Free Cooking] SE'r MadelynRodriguez, who blogs at Karma-Free Cooking, had been mentioning over the last couple of weeks in SE Talk that she was going to take part in a pizza-making contest. The catches: "The crust needed to be wheat-free (spelt flour was allowed); if using cheese, it needed to be organic and rennet-free (vegan cheeses were allowed); if baking the pizza at home, to make sure nothing had been exposed to any meat-products ever." Wow. Tough row to hoe. Well, the appointed time for... More

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