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Pantry Bistro Salad

The following recipe is from the February 3 edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! Like many mothers, Lucinda Scala Quinn, author of Mad Hungry, has some trouble getting her three... More

Cook the Book: Chili

"All along I had been searching for a chili that tasted like chiles, and this one was it." [Photograph: Caroline Russock] Recently I have been craving nothing but spicy food—really spicy food. Not just hot sauce spicy but tingling, lip-burning,... More

Cook the Book: 'Mad Hungry'

Lucinda Scala Quinn has a lot of men in her life: four brothers, three sons, and a husband. As a chef, food writer, and host of Everyday Food on PBS it's not surprising that on top of all her food-related professional duties she's also responsible for feeding the many hungry men in her life. With so many dudes around, Quinn has learned that men eat differently from women, not just in volume and frequency but also where, what (anything they can get their hands on), and how (in front of the fridge). Her recently released cookbook, Mad Hungry is a survival guide to feeding men and teaching them how to feed themselves with simple, hearty recipes that are healthy, quick... More

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