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McDonald's Mac Snack Wrap, A Rant

Fast Food Adam Kuban 11 comments

Nick Kindelsperger of The Paupered Chef calls BS on the Mac Snack Wrap: "The result is a funnel for cheap food. Without the bread, the ingredients are exposed for the lies they are. The meat (never McDonald's strong suit), is reduced to filler without an ounce of juiciness. There is no balance, no semblance of coherent thought with this monster." More

The Mac Snack Wrap, Big Mac in a Tortilla

A Hamburger Today John M. Edwards 39 comments

Editor's note: Please welcome longtime Serious Eats reader and occasional fast food fan John M. Edwards—no known relation to the recent Enquirer star. Ah, the magic of food styling. [Photograph: mcdonalds.com] "You went to McDonald's for lunch?" my coworker asked... More

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